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mratter 04-02-2012 07:29 PM

trans fat free
Are foods that are listed as trans fat free all good for my heart?

Tannhauser 04-07-2012 02:52 PM

No, by no means. However, I'd take 10g of saturated fat over 1g of trans any day. Even a modest amount of trans fats is linked to an increased risk of CVD.

bruteforce 04-07-2012 03:07 PM

I'm going to go for the absurd stretch of what your post is asking. I know you didn't mean it this way, but:
Cocaine is trans-fat free. Its not good for your heart
Sugar is trans-fat free, and is not good for your heart either.
Same goes for too much of pretty much anything. Trans-fat is bad, but just because something is trans fat free doesn't make it safe.

TitanCT 04-07-2012 09:37 PM

theres some studies out there about trans fats that say it can change your insulin sensitivity as well as have cortisol like effects on your muscle tissue and also mess with nutrient absorbtion.
of course studies go back and forth depending on who did them, etc. but i've seen these claims. just FYI

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