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jwood 03-30-2012 11:10 PM

Predator Diet
So on Chaos and Pain he has written a series of blogs about what he is calling the predator diet. Basically he utilizes a ton of protein shakes and meat. I am going to try something similar. He also has three versions depending how much fat you have. Basically if you are fat you have one food meal a day the rest shakes. If your are kinda lean you get 2 meals on some days, 1 meal on another. Also uses fasting with these phases. I plan on using what he suggests for very lean people, I just think it is easier.

Basically it is 4-6 shakes a day, one food meal mid day of meat. And then one large meal in the evening. Here is my basic plan. He also suggests a heavy dose of stimulants, so I will be utilizing a caffeine pill also in the morning.

730-8am- protein shake 40 grams
9am-caffeine pill
10 am- protein shake
noon-midday meal-some meat and veggies, possibly like a salad or something, this will probably be mostly chicken since it is easy
2-3-protein shake
5 pm-handful of nuts on my way home
7-8pm-post workout big meal, lots of meat. Mostly beef.
10pm-small shake

this is a tentative plan right now, I want to see how it affects my energy levels and strength levels. I am kinda planning on doing this for a while and then going straight into carb backloading, and figuring out which works better. Need to get my low carb mindset back and start cooking in bulk again!! I am also going to be taking a lot of fish oil and possibly throwing in some olive oil with protein shakes to make sure i get enough calories

What do you guys think? I have never had this many protein shakes in a day before.

JacktheThriller 03-31-2012 12:01 AM

you probably should use Isolate not concentrate in your shakes you could easily turn this into a ketogenic state so that you avoid headaches and other issues with limiting glucose

BendtheBar 03-31-2012 12:07 AM

I've been doing about the same thing for 3 years, except without the mid day meal. I eat a big meal at 5 pm, and a small meal at 8pm. My meals are Paleo-ish, and on the weekends I carb up usually 1-2 days.

I drink 5 shakes in coffee/water from 7am to 5pm.

Works great for me.

I use whatever whey is cheapest/on sale, trying to get the lowest carb of course. Isolate isn't always cheap. I use fish pil with every shake, as well as some BCAAs.

jwood 03-31-2012 09:18 AM

I will also be using pretty the cheapest whey I can find. C&P suggests a blend, so it is not absorbed as quickly. Probably after 1-2 weeks I will start using a cheat window. It will probably be friday night or saturday night.

I think this diet will be pretty easy, and hopefully effective. I am feeling very out of shape and heavy right now. But that is usual after a winter of eating anything I want.

BendtheBar 03-31-2012 10:00 AM


I think this diet will be pretty easy, and hopefully effective. I am feeling very out of shape and heavy right now. But that is usual after a winter of eating anything I want.
It's never let me down.

It's funny you bring this up because I was talking to Bruteforce recently saying we should give this eating style a fancy name and package it. We were joking of course.

jwood 04-01-2012 12:03 AM

Of course C&P has made it much more complicated being the crazy guy he is by doing intermittent fasting and rotating carbs. He suggests a full day carb load with moderate carbs during the day and then a "rampage" for one meal where you eat whatever you want.

I am looking forward to this new adventure

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