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jslep 01-05-2012 10:43 AM we need them?

I know we now have a "youtubage" thread but i thought the point on this one was valid it could stand alone. I get asked the question ALL THE TIME by my friends that are newbs to workouts and nutrition as to what supps i take. Over and over i have replied none! I eat and i eat a lot.

Lets think about what supplements should be for.....a simple supplementation of your current diet correct? Well why not correct your diet to not need supplements. Whole foods IMO are always the answer unless there is a medical reason for a certain supplement which to be honest there are gonna be very few people that would ever medically need most supplements on the market. Now when i stated that i take "none" before i didn't mean like "none ever" just that i don't have a grocery list of supps that i feel i need to take to continue to make gains. I do take some fish oils and a daily mens but truthfully even that is only on the days that i remember to. I enjoy all kinds of food. Even the fat and sugary make me lazy full of cancer causing preservitive kinds. Why not right i eat enough chicken, beef, pork, eggs, dairy, vegetables, fruit, oats don't i deserve some garbage?

Lets be honest if we put our heads into workouts and diets instead of what supps can get us there the fastest won't we have truly made the lifestyle change we really sought in the first place. Personally i get the feeling that people think supps can perfect their current diet when they should be trying to perfect their diet to not need supps. As always its an open forum and everyone's opinion is up for debate so lets debate mine.....what say you on the topic?

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