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emekajokammor 07-30-2011 05:12 PM

60min with a Dymatize Fitness Ambassador
Actually, im here all day!:thrasher:

I was selected by Dymatize to take on the title of Dymatize Fitness Ambassador and what that means is i will be testing and reviewing some of their products as well as anwsering any questions you guys may have.

I told them that i will be honest because i rep for the consumers first. It really bothers me when i spend my HARD EARNED money on something that doesn't deliver.

So last week i ran their pre work Xpand and reviewed it. This week i will be running one of their proteins Elite Fusion7. Reviewing protein is a little different since results are not noticed immediately but i will do my best to be as accurate and informative as possible.

Review for Xpand is below.

Leh Go!:rockon:

emekajokammor 07-30-2011 05:14 PM

Ok guys so i have been running Dymatize Xpand for my pre-workout since Thurs. I have to tell the truth, wanna hear it here it goes:

Pump 7/10
Pump is something i don't rely on the preworkout to get me but i do notice a difference in when i do achieve my pump. The pump with Xpand is good, blood gets to that muscle and it fills up nice but it needs to be better to compete with the likes of Jack3d, 1MR, Muscle Marinade, White Flood, etc. I believe that if they can add some of the new delievery technology to it bump up the beta alanine and arginine, spike it with some CEE creatine, concentrate it, and add the words "extreme, super, or ultra" it would be more of a stand out.

Taste 7/10
Who really cares about taste? :confused: just get the job done...

Mixability 6/10
Doesn't quite mix too good. We need improvement here.

Mental Focus ?/10
Seen this catergory on other reviews but really if my mind isn't ready before i get to the gym, no pre workout can help me.

Overall thus far 7/10.
My honest opinion. Hope i don't piss anyone off with this score but truth will take us a long way.

And the truth is, in order to become a supplement leader we have to compete. I say we because as an ambassador for the company i am included. We have become competitive with our competition. We have to be better at what we do than they are at what they do.

I know some guys who are so physiced out about their preworkout that they get pumped just off the mention of it's name. You can talk about some products to people and the thought of it gets them pumped, without even taking the product yet! lol

This is the catergory that we need to fall into... Improvements must be made to get us there. I represent a large market of consumers who only want 2 things from their preworkout: 1.) help delievering a sick pump and 2.) brings out road map vascularity. Gives us those 2 and you have a customer for life.

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