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MMA Max 04-19-2011 01:48 PM

Review on Balck Market and New Tren
This is actually a bulk review.

My friend is a body-builder out here " Chris sanchez" and has a DL nutrition shop and it's awesome! Anywaysm, he deals with typical products but recently he has sponcered my MMA studio and gave out products to either fulltime fighters, Or part time.

Some took - Hardcore Formulation new Tren -t-13, And Black Market Adren.o.lyn cuts pre-work out, including myself,

I have never had anything in my life like this and its hard to find. I had no crash and it was the most intense thing I have ever taken in my life. I cant even begin to tell you how awesome this stuff is. Its pre-work out with fat burner and no creatine. They have another forumla with Creatine. I never felt stronger, Mre pumped, Quicker then before and best part was zero crash and I slept like a baby when I went to sleep

So far the people that used t13 have gained nothing but complete size and power with no tren bloat or water retention and no side effects

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