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Default Modified cows produce human breast milk

The latest scientific abomination: Genetically modified cows produce human breast milk

There seems to be no limit to the violations of natural law that will be committed in the name of "science." The latest is an effort to make cows produce human breast milk by using genetically modified embryos crossed with human genes, then implanted into surrogate cows. The result is a cow that produces milk containing a human protein called lysozyme, making it closer to the nutritional composition of human breast milk.

Efforts are under way to use the same genetic engineering of cows to produce human-like milk with higher fat content, lactoferrin and alpha-lactalbumin as well.

Yet another "scientific" crime against nature
That such an experiment is even going on, of course, is sick at so many levels. It is a crime against nature being committed solely for corporate greed. Look where this is headed: These genetically modified cows will be produced en masse, then held in what are basically dairy concentration camps so that they can produce milk that some wealthy, powerful corporation will then market to American consumers as a "breast milk replacement."

Mothers will be told all sorts of lies about it, such as, "Oh, you don't need to breastfeed your babies anymore. You can just buy this cow/human GMO breast milk! It's exactly the same!"

Of course, the mad scientists pushing this scheme will claim it's a way for women who can't produce breast milk to buy a source of human-like milk for their babies. But that's nonsense: We already have a whole species of HUMAN WOMEN who can produce breast milk and who are trying to offer it for sale online but are being threatened and shut down by health authorities. The government, you see, doesn't want women to be able to sell their own breast milk to other women whose children might need it. No, they want you to buy it from a corporation running a factory dairy operation using genetically modified cows. Because that's more "scientific" somehow.

It all makes no sense, of course. Why genetically engineer cows with human genes when we already have humans with human genes who can create PERFECT human breast milk right now?

Corporate greed in the name of science knows no bounds
As with nearly everything being done in the name of science these days, this is really just a case of runaway corporate greed; not respect, humility or even a sense of compassion for humans and animals. In the name of "science," these poor genetically engineered cows won't even be able to produce cow milk for their own babies! They will be freaks of nature that are completely out of balance with their own species.

The Chinese scientist who carried out this crime against nature, by the way, thinks it's a great idea, saying "The modified bovine milk is a possible substitute for human milk. It fulfilled the conception of humanizing the bovine milk." (

Did you catch that phrase? "Humanizing bovine milk." But hey, why even bother? Bovine milk is food for baby cows, and yet the milk industry has somehow convinced human adults that they need to keep consuming this baby cow beverage. Just the fact that so many human beings keep drinking pasteurized, homogenized, processed cow's milk through their entire life is utterly bizarre to begin with. Now with their genetic engineering of dairy cattle, what slogan will they come up with next? "This milk is NEARLY HUMAN!"

OMG, rush out and buy some! It's nearly human! Can I drink some, too?

Because what's ultimately obvious from all this is that the real animals in all this are the mad scientists who keep playing God with genetic code. They're smug and arrogant in their "success" of creating cow's milk that's almost human, not realizing that God and Mother Nature already created the perfect nutritional beverage for human babies hundreds of thousands of years ago, with NO science, no patents, no FDA, no technology and no corporations whatsoever. It's called human breast milk and there is no substitute.

Besides, genetically engineering a cow to produce human-like breast milk isn't much of an achievement. A far greater challenge would be genetically engineering a pig to be a moronic and short-sighted as modern-day GMO scientists. I'm not even sure that's possible.


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Nothing is surprising any more. I bet they won't have strict restrictions on any one that uses it, unlike with the pigs hearts in transplants where people are not permitted to have children after having the transplant etc.

I think it was pig's heart and pretty certain they've already done transplants as well.
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Um... that's just... wrong.
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