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Nutrition, Diet and Supplements Discuss nutrition, diet, cutting and weight loss. Supplement discussions as well.

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Default Bodybuilding Cutting Diet Help

By BigFiveFive:

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Well ill go ahead and keep it simple for you, find your LBM, find a set percentage for your macronutrient make up (ie- 25%fats/35%carbs/40%protein) Once you do this find out the amount you need of each, and the amount of calories that adds up to. Hit your macros everyday and keep it clean-er, and aim for 1-2lbs (2 being MAX!) a week weight loss. Eat as many whole food meals you can and supplement BCAAs intraworkout and through the day. Add low-intensity cardio after a couple weeks of dieting and keep it slow man. Rapid weightloss isn't smart, this stuff takes time.

If you don't want simple, well here ya go

Here's some numbers to guide you in making up macros and caloric intake

Finding Caloric Baseline-
* Mesomorphs – bodyweight x 15.
* Ectomorphs – bodyweight x 16-17.
* Endomorphs – bodyweight x 13-14.

So for our subject; 200 X 15 = 3000 kcals per day. This is the subject’s caloric baseline (roughly). So if he wishes to lose 1.2 lbs per week from dieting (caloric restriction of 600 kcals per day); 3000 – 600 = 2400 kcals per day.

Meal Frequency-
* Mesomorphs – eat every 2.5 – 3.5 hours.
* Ectomorphs – eat every 2 – 3 hours.
* Endomorphs – eat every 3.5 – 5 hours.

Protein Intake-
* Mesomorphs – 1.2g/lb – 1.3g/lb.
* Ectomorphs – 1.4g/lb – 1.6g/lb.
* Endomorphs – 1.4g/lb – 1.5g/lb.*

Fat Intake-
* Mesomorphs – 17% – 23% of total calories.
* Ectomophs – 24%-28% of total calories.
* Endomorphs – 23%-28% of total calories (fat intake is increased in order to reduce carbohydrate intake, as endomorphs may have a difficult time losing fat with higher carbohydrate intakes). For our subject, this equates to about 400 – 550 kcal from fat per day (45g – 60g fat per day) Once again, I prefer the ‘middle of the road’ approach and would set his fat intake at around 55g fat per day (495 kcals/day from fat) .

Carbs are the most important for losing weight, and also for maintaining and utilizing natural hormone production, which will aid in mood, testosterone production, and weight loss. After finding out your combined caloric intake for protein and fats, whatever is left from your base amount is your carbohydrate makeup. Keep these carbs low on the GI scale.

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