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nighttrain 08-04-2009 09:09 AM

ok Brothers.... im coping my log from another site and transplanting it here, hoping to get some feedback... after i get it all caught up i will continue to update daily.... :rockon:

nighttrain 08-04-2009 09:09 AM

ok, here is the deal im gona run my personal bottles of G-force and Transform... this is not a sponsored log. well i guess it is cause im a rep, but oh whatever....

Day 1--------
G-force @ 4:15 this morning- 4 pumps- got to say like everyone else, doesn't really have a smell.... kinda hard to explain. anyways 4 pumps and 5 minutes later i finished getting ready for work. drys supper fast and aplies like a dream!!! kind got a easy feeling going on in like 15 minutes as i was driving to work, pretty relaxed allday long.

went to gym @ 1630hrs (4:30pm) did sumo deads and Str8 leg deads and then 4 sets of 10 body wieght pull ups.... pretty good day, transform is geting applied tonite.

stay tuned for more to come... as the log progresses i will list my workouts but as of today nothing to big... plus i left my log book at home and dont remember the lifts... ( i'm getting old, short term memory is shit)

nighttrain 08-04-2009 09:10 AM

Im just gona run it at 100mg and i have decieded to split the dosage 2 pumps prior to work out and 2 before bed.... that being said, im on day 2 of the G-force and Transform. here is the workout for today which was Chest and triceps....

----Day 2 Chest and Triceps----

Flat BB bench- 135x12/ 225x10/ 245x4/ 265x2 w/spot--- flat bench is like my nemisis, i just cant go very heavy, partially due to crappy ass shoulder problems and my lifting partner thinks i have a mental block due to hurting the shoulder in the past

Incline BB press- 135x8/ 205x8/ 225x4/ 245x2w/spot- incline presses dont hurt anywhere as bad and are pretty strong in comparision to flat.

weighted dips- BWx12/ 45platex10/ 45px10/45px10- just started getting so i can do weighted dips but i like them, so we will continue to work on these.

Overhead DB tricep presses- 60x10/ 80x12/90x8/90x8- i love this excersize, gives me a real good tri pump

weighted bench dips- do these with two benches and a 45 plate in our lap- we went to failure on each set- 45platex35reps/ 45platex30reps----

****notes*** i havent felt this good in the gym in awhile, after the workout i felt gr8, awesome pump and really just had a good to be alive feeling. i dont know if this is from the G-force and the transform, but i liked it...

------stay tuned for more....

nighttrain 08-04-2009 09:10 AM

last night was a down day... just changed the work out program up this week, we will see if i like it or not. One of the two guys i workout with was crying that he wanted another rest day so we are going from 5days straight to 4 four day plan with wed. as a down day and also weekends are always down...

new workout looks like this.......

monday- back and biceps- DEADLIFT/ SLDL/ PULLUPS/ SOME BICEPS EXERCs...
tuesday- chest triceps- FLAT/ INCLINE/ alt between BB and DB/ throw in some cable flys standing and seated incline flys/ and then tricep excercises
wednesday- OFF
friday- LEGS
sat and sun- OFF

*********** i had a good nights sleep last night, so ima try it the same way today and see what happens..... 4 pumps transform 30min to 1hr prior to workout in the evening, i go to the gym at 5pm so somewhere around 4pm is the time... and im continuing the G-force in the AM as i like the calming feeling it gives me prior to work

nighttrain 08-04-2009 09:11 AM

DAY 4----

shoulders and traps----

Clean and press--- 65x12 warm up/ 95x10/115x10/135x8/135x6--- did these with very lil rest in between sets, just long enough for my partner to do his set...

STR8 bar upright rows--- 45x12/75x12/75x12/75x12--- coulda gone heavier but with the lose of form

***Front lateral raises--- 25x10/25x10/25x10-- done with 30-45 seconds rest in between sets

***Side lateral raises--- 30x10/30x10/30x10-- done with 30-45 seconds rest in between sets

*** Rear lateral raises (seated)--- 25x10/25x10/15x10-- done with 30-45 seconds rest in between sets

******** all three excercises where done back to back with 30-45 seconds between each set and then 45-60seconds between each of the three excecises

BB Shrugs--- 135x12/205x10/205x10/205x10

awesome shoulder workout today, kept the rest time to a minimum and could really feel it....

Transform at 4pm seemed to work for me last night as i slept just fine, we will see how tonight goes...

tomorrow should be legs, but i am going out to the woods for a night of training with my students.... i might sneak back in at supper time and hit legs anyways....

so far im loving the G-force and the transform i think is starting to make me drier as im having to really watch my water intake

nighttrain 08-04-2009 09:12 AM

Friday day 5---- had to miss this training day because i had to go out to the Woods and do some ARMY training with my students. i ran 2miles on friday morning dropped and other 30 seconds off my time.... went 17:17 for two miles, which im kinda happy about.
i just got back to where i could do two miles again without my back hurting so bad i want to cry. i had a disk injury back in 2002 that has given me hell. i can work thru the pain, actually i have grown to not even notice most of the time. But for awhile i could only get a mile down and the i had to stop because of the pain. the Army doctor told me to run at my own pace and distance, but that doesn't help when you are trying to keep the excess weight down. Anyways, back to friday......
i went out to the woods and came back into go to the gym at 5pm but my knees hurt so bad from beating the bush i caouldn't force myself to do legs, so i just went back out to the woods and finished up the training. i will be back on schedule on monday for Back and biceps....

hope this log is helping ya'll out, i know im liking the results im starting to see

nighttrain 08-04-2009 09:13 AM


Back and Biceps---

Sumo Deadlift- 135x12/ 225x10/ 315x8/ 365x6/ 405x3

SLDL--- 175x4 sets of 10

Pullups- BWx15/ BWx10/ BWx10/ BWx8

BB standing curls 65x10/ 85x8/ 65x10/ 45x12

wieghed in @ 201 after workout.... i forgot to bring my bottle of Transform to work today so when i went to my Gym bag to get it i found a bottle of G-force.... oh well i put it on 15 minutes ago, as soon as i got home. Pretty good workout today, didnt do much for biceps but they were pretty spent from the deads and the pullups. had a great pump going on. i am seeing more viens so i think i must be drying out some anyways...

tomorrow is Chest and triceps---

nighttrain 08-04-2009 09:13 AM

DAY 9---- Tuesday 28 July

- --------------CHEST AND TRICEPS--------------------

Flat BB bench--- 135x10/135x10 warm up, then just went to see what i could max out at---
225x2/245x2/265x1/275x2 w/spot--- then 2 sets of negitives@315x2 reps

Incline DB bench 75x10/90x8/90x7

seated DB overhead tri ext--- 90x10x2 sets/ 100 x7

cable flys--- 15x10/25x10/30x10/35x10

low to high cable flys--- 15x10x3 sets

i felt so good all the way thru this workout and even when i called it quits. Had an amazing pump going, and i felt strong... i pretty sure im starting to feel the Transform now as i felt stronger and was able to go heavier than i have in a while...
and as normal im still loving the G-force in the mornings...

nighttrain 08-04-2009 09:13 AM

DAY 10 -----------Wednesday 29 July 09-----------


today was supposed to be a rest day but i felt so good i thought i might as well swing by the gym and hit up Bi's as i didnt hit them very hard on monday...

Seated BB curls 75x10/95x10/95x8

Seated incline DB curls 30x20/ 35x15/ 40x10/ 20x20 for burnout---- the freaking pump was so intense it hurt!!!

21s-- 3 sets, last set had to have spot on the last 4 complete reps.... ARMS where smoked!!!

im loving the overall great feelings and strength/ pump i seem to be getting

nighttrain 08-04-2009 09:14 AM

DAY 11 Thursday 30 July

-----Shoulders and Traps-----

Clean and Press--- 95x10/ 115x10/ 155x4/ 175x2/ 185x000000 couldnt get it!!!!

Upright cable rows--- 35x12/ 72.5x10x 3 sets

Cable front raises--- 10x10x 3 sets

Cable side raises--- 10x10x3 sets

BB Shrugs--- 135x15/ 185x12x 3 sets---- held each rep for 2 seconds

really good workout, feel gr8 think im starting to dry out.....

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