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BendtheBar 09-14-2010 03:22 PM

Podcast with Supplement Formulator Dustin Elliott
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Dustin Elliott Talks Supplements and Training

Dustin Elliott From Betancourt Nutrition Talks Supplements and Training | Muscle & Strength


From the Dustin Elliott podcast:

* Find out about Dustin's unique 8 day training split.
* Beginner? Learn how to training, and what supplementation Dustin Elliott recommends.

"Start slow. Practice moderation. You can only grow when you're not in the gym. You can only grow when you're getting enough rest. Guys will jump in the gym with their friends that are more experienced, and right away they'll try to lift the same amount of sets and same amount of weight. That's just not appropriate." - Dustin Elliott

* Dustin reveals the truth about proprietary blends, and why they are important to the supplement industry.

"Obviously we will have some companies that are just using these blends to hide specific dosages that they're using in their products. Whereas other companies, when they find a hit product, or find a unique formula, obviously the first thing they want to try and safeguard against is people going out there and copying their formula..." - Dustin Elliott

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