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Nutrition, Diet and Supplements Discuss nutrition, diet, cutting and weight loss. Supplement discussions as well.

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Default Why ASGT?


“Been there, taken that.” – Or have you?

The world of sports supplements has seen its share of pre-workout products. We’ve all seen these so-called performance enhancing powders on the shelf at our brick and mortar shop or at the online retailer. It seems every company has their own version of what they consider the best pre-workout product, but who’s fooling who here? When compared side by side, nearly every product is the exact same. They promise to get you jacked or make you explode, but we’re calling BS on them! There has not been one single groundbreaking or differentiating formula…until now.

LG Sciences Anadraulic State GT is the WORLD’S FIRST Kinetic Amplification System. While it is a pre-workout performance product, Anadraulic State GT is made to skyrocket your athletic edge inside the gym, while putting you in a state of growth and repair outside of the gym. Anadraulic State GT was designed and formulated to improve body composition, build muscle, catapult strength, increase athletic endurance, increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity, lower (xeno)estrogen, increase testosterone, shuttle key nutrients, and so much more!

Who uses Anadraulic State GT?

Bodybuilders, powerlifters, MMA fighters, cyclists and many other athletes are beginning to see the difference Anadraulic State GT makes in their training. Users continually send us feedback telling us what sounds like “big fish stories” about how they’ve finally broken through a plateau or managed to break another record in a competition or meet.

Can Anadraulic State GT be used prior to other activities?

Without a doubt, yes it can. – Not surprisingly, people aren’t just taking Anadraulic State GT before they train. Sure, that may have been where it started, but us supplement fiends know how fun it can be to experiment with these workout aids in out-of-gym settings.

Anadraulic State GT can be used prior to:

* The club or bar to increase confidence, energy, and libido
* Poker games to increase cognitive performance and to stay on your “A” game
* Parkour to increase endurance
* Wakeboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, paintball, or other extreme sports to increase your focus, energy, and skill

…Anadraulic State GT can be used for nearly ANY type of activity!

There is no doubt that LG Sciences Anadraulic State GT is quickly becoming the most popular and sought-after pre-workout performance powder on the market. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts across the globe are increasing their performance and competitive drive by taking advantage of this groundbreaking concoction; delivering what many describe as incredible energy, focus and strength gains.

Interested in the science behind Anadraulic State GT? Your answers are right here:

There are multiple complexes in Anadraulic State GT. Each complex serves its own purpose in creating the most advanced physique-altering concoction to be found on the pre-workout market.

Adaptogenic Complex:

Adaptogens are an essential part of the Anadraulic State GT formula; they help your body adapt to stress and reduce fatigue. Quercetin, the first component of the complex, is not just a powerful antioxidant which has been shown to support immune function, but studies have shown that it also can increase exercise performance[1], increase endurance[2] and decrease fatigue[3]. Schizandra Berry Extact is another adaptogen in the complex which research has shown is correlated with increased physical performance and stress protective effects.[4] Mulberry extract is also included, and from a study from the Indian Journal of Pharmacology claims possesses “significant adaptogenic activity.”[5]

Xenoestrogen Control Complex:

The (xeno)estrogen control complex is composed of ellagic acid, trans-resveratrol and (3beta)-3-Hydroxy-urs-12-en-28-oic acid. Ellagic acid is a polyphenol derived from plants and aside from its antioxidant properties, has been shown to block (xeno)estrogen at the receptor level through research which explains its behavior as a natural selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)![6] In addition to this, trans-resveratrol is included which also has been shown to have anti-(xeno)estrogen properties.[7] (3beta)-3-Hydroxy-urs-12-en-28-oic acid is a steroidal skeleton aromatase inhibitor which may prevent or decrease the biosynthesis of (xeno)estrogen.

Creatine Complex:

The creatine complex provides a hefty dose of over 2 grams of creatine blend per scoop. Creatine increases strength and exercise output while the beta-alanine in the complex increases carnosine levels in muscle cells—in fact some studies have shown increases of over 60%![8]. Carnosine is important because it acts as a buffer in muscle cells to control acidity. This increased buffering capacity may result in delayed fatigue and, like creatine, improved performance and muscular capacity.

Stimulant Complex:

Face it, no pre-workout would be complete without one of the most prominent and commonly used ingredients in the supplement industry; caffeine. With about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee in each scoop, Anadraulic State GT users get the focus, alertness and energy that caffeine is known to give. Synephrine, another naturally occurring stimulant, is paired with caffeine to enhance energy and acts synergistically. Synephrine stimulates the beta-3 receptors and increases the metabolic rate while simultaneously boosts energy levels.

Amino Acid Complex:

Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle and this complex gives you the hydrolyzed protein and amino acids you need to make the most of each workout. Hydrolyzed proteins get absorbed faster and can be used readily during intense training. A hefty dose of leucine is included, too, helping spare muscle during intense workouts. Leucine is the most effective branched chain amino acid at preventing muscle loss due to its easy conversion to glucose.

pSARM Complex:

The hibiscus rosa-sinensis extract contains pSARMs, which have been suggested to act like testosterone in muscle tissue and produce anabolic effects; this may lead to accelerated recovery, reduced estrogen, and increases in nitric oxide synthase activity! Osthol is also added to the complex for its androgen-like effects and enhances the potency of Anadraulic State GT. Research studies suggest that osthol could increase androgen, gonadotropin and nitric oxide synthase activity[9], giving you the muscle building edge!

Carbohydrate Complex:

Carbohydrates provide the fuel your body needs during intense training. With dextrose and waxy maize starch, Anadraulic State GT provides the carbohydrates you need to keep fueled in the gym, and create unbelievable nutrient delivery capability. Additionally, dextrose has a sweet flavor, making Anadraulic State GT even more delicious!

So what’s the bottom line?

It’s quite simple, really: If you’re using a pre-workout powder other than LG Sciences Anadraulic State GT, chances are that you’re significantly slowing your progress, or even worse, setting it stagnant.

Don’t waste your hard training and dieting by taking some over-hyped garbage pre-workout product that claims to be “ultra-concentrated” (after all, you’re not buying laundry detergent) when in fact you’re just paying more for less. That tiny bottle of theirs isn’t fooling us, and we don’t want it to fool you either!

Anadraulic State GT is synonymous with PR-breaking workouts. The fact that it’s so inexpensive is just a plus for you! – Add it to your supplement regimen to see and feel the difference for yourself. You’ll power through workouts like never before and reach goals that seemed years away!
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