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Default Off Label Uses For Jack3d and Anadraulic State GT

Off Lable Uses For Jack3d and Anadraulic State GT - Are These Dangerous Preworkout Drinks?
By Erin Raad

Gym rats are always looking for something to give them the edge they need to get past their plateaus. However a new class of sports supplements is appearing and these potent monsters have the ability to be a huge benefit in the gym, but are also being used off label by younger adults wanting another kind of lift, before the bar. Mixing these drinks with thinks like other stimulants or illicit drugs is becoming popular but is it safe?

Two supplements have come to the forefront of this off label use, Jack3d and Anadraulic State GT. Both supplements contain a healthy dose of caffeine and other stimulants and both contain creatine and other bodybuilding ingredients like Beta Alanine. These things should be respected and used responsibility. Both products are becoming very popular among the party crowd and young adults are using them to get a "high" before the club, not just the gym. When used as directed, these are very safe supplements, however the new off label uses for these are certainly cause for concern.

Both supplements contain some similar ingredients like creatine, beta alaning, schizandra extract but Anadraulic State GT contains some additional ingredients that should be noted or at least should be used with caution. These ingredients may really increase aggression and the "alpha male" feeling that might make young adults act more socially confident that can lead to risky behavior like womanizing and fighting.

Even the ingredients found in both, such as creatine and Beta Alanine have not been tested in conjunction with alcohol, energy drinks or other popular "club drugs" so one should be very careful when mixing even the above ingredients, not to mention the additional ingredients in Anadraulic State GT with these "drugs". Both contain powerful stimulants, which should certainly be used responsibly, especially in conjunction with alcohol and energy drinks.

What else is in Anadraulic State GT?

Anadraulic State GT has ingredients shown in preliminary literature to be similar to natural steroids in action and also natural anti-estrogens, which bodybuilders use to increase their testosterone production. This has made Anadraulic State GT a favorite for young adults who are looking to get that extra boost of confidence before the gym or the bar since these natural plant extracts may act to boost testosterone and testosterone like effects.

Osthole is a natural plant extract that has been implicated in a few studies to act like testosterone in the body, which makes it very potent at giving that aggressive focus that one wants in the gym. This along with Hibiscus extract can act like a natural androgen in the body, being potentially anabolic in muscle. The studies so far are only in rats, but often rat studies are used in place of humans to verify results. These ingredients may increase aggressive behavior especially mixed with alcohol.

3beta-Hydroxyurs-12-En-28-Oic Acid is a natural anti-aromatase agent that acts similar to the prescription drug Arimidex (R), at least in the test tube. In the body it's not sure if it works exactly the same way. However this aromatase inhibiing quality is what may allow 3beta-Hydroxyurs-12-En-28-Oic Acid to act as a natural testosterone booster.

Resveratrol and Ellagic Acid are natural SERM type ingredients, which block estrogen at the receptor and show in the preliminary literature to boost testosterone via this pathway.

These ingredients seem to have quite a pronounced effect on bodybuilders, since Anadraulic State GT is really taking off among elite bodybuilders and powelifters. If you already use Anadraulic State GT, you are obviously aware of the directions, they should be strictly followed. Whether you use Anadraulic State GT or Jack3d before your workout or prior to hitting the club or bar scene for that extra mental boost, hopefully this article will help you make an informed choice on when and how to use this class of supplements. Try to avoid mixing these kinds of products with energy drinks and excessive alcohol since these can contain high amounts of caffeine and could have an unknown effect when mixed. Both supplements are safe when used as directed, so stick with the directions and don't over do it on the dosing.

Article Source: Erin Raad - Expert Author
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