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Nutrition, Diet and Supplements Discuss nutrition, diet, cutting and weight loss. Supplement discussions as well.

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Default Game With Better Focus, Reaction Time and Energy - Top Energy Ingredients Reviewed!

Game With Better Focus, Reaction Time and Energy - Top Energy Ingredients Reviewed!
By Erin Raad

Gamers are always looking for something that pushes them past their limits and increases their reaction time, energy levels and focus. Traditional energy drinks often leave them empty feeling and over stimulated without providing much benefit for the serious gamer. Caffeine is a great ingredient for boosting quick energy, but is it enough to keep the serious gamer protected and focused? Whether you play World of Warcraft or Madden, you will need these killer ingredients to give you every ounce of advantage over the competition!

To get a serious game changing drink we had to look to bodybuilders favorites to make our greatest find. In fact I've identified 5 key ingredients for the serious gamer that will transform their focus and performance. Every gamer can benefit from things like better reaction time, increased energy and serious attention to detail. These 5 key ingredients have everything the serious gamer needs!

Creatine monohydrate is the first killer ingredient! I know what you are saying...CREATINE? Yes, it's a key ingredient because it has an effect on full body energy, including the brain. Gamers are starting to learn what older people have known for years, creatine is great for recharging brain cells and increasing cellular energy! If you are feeling fatigued after 4 or 5 hours of gaming, your cellular energy stores are probably depleted. Creatine is the battery for mitochondrial energy stores and if you want a recharge you need to take it! Creatine will supercharge the bodies ATP stores, which is a natural form of cellular energy and no organ needs as much ATP as the brain. So, if you want to slay the dragon or defeat the wizard, you need creatine to be at your best!

Beta Alanine is the next killer ingredient. It can increase nerve pulses (in fact you may experience a tingle in the first 5-10 minutes, which is your nerves firing faster than ever before) and act as a GABA agonist in the brain. GABA is the body's natural stress control agent, so increasing it along with a stimulant will help you focus better without being stressed and making costly mistakes. Beta Alanine can act like GABA in the brain and when combined with a stimulant like caffeine, GABA will keep you calm and focused, while being totally alert!

Third, the neuro-protective effects of wolfberry are well known among the chinese, where it is called goji berry! Goji berry is all the rage in the health food stores because this anti-oxidant powerhouse can also help protect the brain from over-stimulation. Wolf berry is so good for you, it is being studies for everything from energy to cancer!

Fourth, dextrose is a pure form of sugar that will get into the system immediately and give a quick boost of energy. That combined with another energy source from amino acids, will give your brain the nutrients it needs for a long session of gaming. No energy drink has these building blocks of protein, coupled with pure, pharmaceutical grade dextrose. You need both to get the absolute best effect!

Finally, if you've ever been in a truckstop, you might recognize the icing on the cake, bitter melon. This is a super strong stimulant that is similar to ephedrine, but not as crazy. You want this stimulant in addition to caffeine to get you good and wired for those long sessions. It will also keep you alert and razor focused, since it acts in a slightly different manner than caffeine. No energy drink is going to have synephrine, since they are worried it will be abused, but in a drink like this it absolutely kills!

Of course, only people over 18 should use supplements like these since they are so potent. Make sure you also don't consume over 2-3 servings in any gaming session!

Out of all the ingredients I've looked at, only Anadraulic State GT from LG Sciences has all of these and tastes great. Be sure to not mix it with anything other than water or maybe juice, since it already contains a healthy dose of caffeine and synephrine. Used responsibly, this supplement can make you play harder and better! Enjoy...

Erin Raad reviews sports supplements and supplement ingredients and finds new and novel uses for them!

Anadraulic State GT can be found at LG Sciences Anadraulic State GT - New More Potent Formula! | Muscle & Strength

Article Source: Erin Raad - Expert Author
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