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rippednmichigan 07-23-2009 08:18 PM

Force of Green Labs: Peptides! and Quazi-Peptides
Hello Muscle and Brawn!

Force Of Green Labs is pleased to announce our release of peptide type products! These compounds are NOT illegal, they are NOT scheduled, and they are NOT 'gray area'. I have been collaborating with Mr. Universe (Universal Kits), the inventor of pGH. We're proud to bring some new and exciting things to the table. I have updated the site at Welcome to Force of Green Labs! and they are currently for sale.

The reason we don't include all of these compounds in the peptides category, is because by definition, a peptide requires some kind of 'peptide bond' to render a formula an actual peptide. There is no deceptive marketing here and these new compounds work fantastic! They are marketed as 'oral use only' and include bacteriostatic water with each order and a syringe to reconstitute it.

A brief rundown of our products in this category:

pGHp-8: It's basically the original pGH formula, but 'jacked up' with a lot of extra goodies to increase hGH output.

GnRHs: This is a sequence of amino acids that act to release gonadotropin releasing hormone. It is a similar approach to hcg, but it doesn't not desensitize the testes and will NOT effect the negative feedback loop.

3-LAO: This is the original formula by Universal Kits that increases protein synthesis and can be taken anytime. It is especially good post-workout.

ERP DI1: Energy Release Peptide/Detox Immune 1: "Jack up your immune system, release FFAs for pre-workout fatloss, feel better, get more energy, guaranteed." This one is fantastic for preworkout (especially morning fasted cardio) and will not stim you out.

Meso 1 (phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate): Ever hear of those expensive lipo injections that medical doctors (especially in Beverly Hills) give to literally dissolve fat on site? We got it! One bottle = 1 full treatment. Again... 'oral use only'

The website is updating now and info should be up there ASAP! Any questions you may have, just post up!

We are offering these products at VERY affordable prices and I personally guarantee results! 100% money back guarantee on anything we carry!

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