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rippednmichigan 05-01-2010 08:22 PM

LG Sciences Natabolic Stack 3 Bottles
You don't have to use banned products to get big and ripped!

If you want the ultimate stack for gaining mass, look no further than the diet and exercise and workout guide along with the Natabolic Stack. The Natabolic Stack contains unique, perfectly timed nutrients that will help you achieve your goals of being lean and ripped without using banned substances. The Natabolic Kit is perfect for anyone who is serious about getting into the best shape of their life and is willing to dedicate the time and energy to take advantage of our impressive nutrient system.

Stack Includes:

2- Natadrol 120ct (10 weeks)
The non-hormonal edge!

With today's climate of drug testing and anti-doping, people need an alternative. Even simple things like 5-DHEA are being banned and outlawed by sports and business alike. Performance athletes and people wanting to get ripped need a non-hormonal edge when training! That edge is Natadrol. The ingredients in Natadrol are 100% non-steroidal yet may give all of the positive benefits of optimized hormone levels!

1- Formadrol 90ct (4 weeks)
Testosterone is king!

Feeling your best requires that your testosterone levels are at their peak levels. Unfortunately with modern foods and synthetic chemicals, the body can be severely lacking in this critical hormone. Formadrol may help restore your body to peak levels by counter balancing these synthetic estrogens. Combined with proper diet and exercise, Formadrol will give you the natural edge in all area's of life.

1- GHenerate 4 oz. (10 weeks)
The Best Night of Your Sleep Guaranteed!

GHenerate is being touted as the next big thing in recovery and focus. It helps optimize growth hormone levels and may counter act the effects of every day stress and over training. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of a bodybuilders plan. It's when the body recovers and releases the most growth hormone. GHenerate may help you improve your sleep and recovery from the first dose!

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