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MMA Max 03-15-2010 11:20 PM

H-Drol Help/Information and Some general questions
H-Drol Help/Information and Some general questions

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I put this in the wrong forum I think

After my Fight I will be doing a H-drol cycle from CEL and there are some questions I would like to ask if anyone is willing to help

1)Will H-drol effect me having kids while on it?

2) How do I keep the results that I get from H-drol

3) Will it make me Angry

4) Will it temp. shrink my nuts

5)will it make me cut extra looaw fat and add some good gain, NOT water weight and not bloat

What do I need for support sups?
I know Milk Thisle but anything else?

For PCT I have

What else should I add to this?
Maybe a Trib?

Thank in advance and please add if there is anything else I should know

jslep 03-15-2010 11:23 PM

i answered your other one so...............just check it out.

MMA Max 03-16-2010 12:15 PM

Good Lord there is so much stuff I have read and am reading in this section. I broke out the note pad and started writing down everything. My M-drol Check list and protection program is massive and my H-drol list is just as large, I have notes on Benifits and Disadvatages...Good to read that these cycles should be run in 3 week runs, And, I am good with that..Anything longer would make me worry.

Something good to know is pre loading some supps to help combat things, I wish I would have known most of the information before I did tren, I could have really ****ed myself on that **** and a note to people who want to try PH, I would read this section like it was the bible..This section has and is helping me and part of it is making me think twice.

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