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Nutrition, Diet and Supplements Discuss nutrition, diet, cutting and weight loss. Supplement discussions as well.

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Irish Cannon
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Default On Cycle Testosterone Support! DO NOT Cycle Without It! Make PCT Easy on Yourself!

Methyl 1-D for On-Cycle Testosterone Support

No longer do you have to suffer through harsh oral hormone cycles without the support of your own bodies natural testosterone function! DO NOT force yourself to deal with the harsh side-effects of standalone compounds when you can get the support you need to function properly, avoid lethargy, optimize recovery and mood, and make for an extremely smooth transition into PCT.

As the saying goes, TEST IS BEST!

Underground bodybuilders and powerlifters know the secret to minimizing side-effects while on cycle…testosterone use! It’s the foundation of everything that leads to muscle growth, athletic performance, sexual activity, and positive mood, so it’s no wonder why you feel like garbage on cycle; your body isn’t making any! Illegal hormones mimic the effects of testosterone, but your body cannot be fooled! Without testosterone, bodily function is often completely out of whack. You can’t sleep, you get tired, often crashing without notice, and while recovery may be great, you still feel exhausted. Your mood is poor and often irritable, people don’t like being around you, and your sexual function is completely non-existent. What good is running a hormone cycle if you can’t even put it to use?! – But you don’t shoot gear; you cycle legal, oral products. Are you doomed to suffer through nasty side effects of harsh oral compounds? NO WAY!

The combative answer for LEGAL hormone users is very simple: Methyl 1-D for on-cycle testosterone support!

Keep side effects on cycle minimal, make your PCT easier, and hold on to your gains with less effort than before!

Methyl 1-D is an extremely potent and advanced testosterone prohormone that helps to regulate and stabilize your own body’s hormonal balance. While Methyl 1-D is slightly suppressive in its own right, your body now has the ability to function normally with natural testosterone due to optimal function of testosterone production and minimized hormone fluctuation.

The best part is MORE is LESS when using Methyl 1-D for on-cycle testosterone support. Methyl 1-D is an amazing muscle builder and prohormone by itself, just as testosterone is a great muscle builder, but there is no need to take a full dose of Methyl 1-D when it’s being used as a support agent. Just 3 caps per day is all you need to optimize and regulate hormonal function while on cycle.

New hormonal muscle builders are constantly coming and going, and there’s really no telling what long-term damage these can do to your body when ran by themselves. Don’t take a chance with your body. You support your cholesterol and liver function with extra support, don’t fail to do the same with your endocrine system! Get Methyl 1-D for on-cycle hormonal support and optimization!

So how do you run Methyl 1-D for on cycle support?

It’s quite simple. Let’s say you’re running a 3 week cycle of a common, harsh, but great muscle building compound.

Week 1 (Pre-load): Methyl 1-D @ 3caps/day (2 in the morning, 1 in the late afternoon), standard cycle support products (you should be loading this as well for optimal function)
Week 2: DS @ 20mg/day, M1D @ 3caps/day
Week 3: DS @ 20mg/day, M1D @ 3 caps/day
Week 4: DS @ 30mg/day, M1D @ 3 caps/day
Week 5-7/8: Post-cycle support products, standard PCT

DO NOT risk losing your gains or further permanently damaging your health. Get Methyl 1-D to enhance your cycle for optimal size, strength, and post-cycle testosterone recovery!
LG Sciences Board Representative - PM me with any questions!
Visit to view our full line!
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, do not constitute medical advice, and are not official or authorized comments by LG Sciences, LLC.
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