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Nutrition, Diet and Supplements Discuss nutrition, diet, cutting and weight loss. Supplement discussions as well.

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Default LG Sciences Needs 1 Person to Log Our Natty Stack!

is a potent muscle-building androgen found naturally occurring in our environment.

Natadrol WILL require an over-the-counter PCT; either Formadrol Extreme or T-911 is recommended.

Naturally, androgenic side effects are possible, however, recent testers have only reported very mild sides.

One tester on ranked Natadrol on the same level as 1-AD in regards to muscle growth, yet lower on side effects! Knowing that this individual is experienced in exogenous hormonal use makes his review even more concrete.

Excitingly, Natadrol should NOT make you test positive for steroids, nor is it a steroidal androgen, thus making it difficult for government bodies to pull it from the shelves without excessive legislative reform.

Natadrol has been reported to...
* May Increase your LBM
* May Decrease your subcutaneous water retention
* May Promote a lean, dry, vascular look
* May Give profound strength increases
* May Supercharge your libido and give rock-hard erections
* May Increase your positive aggression
* May Boost confidence and mood

If you're looking for a highly effective alternative to those soon-to-be illegal hormonal products, then this is it! Add the size you want, the strength you need, and the sexual performance you desire with Natadrol!


Unfortunately, GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 are illegal to sell in the US, since they are drugs and 100% synthetic. So, I started looking in the literature for NATURAL versions of GHRP to use. Luckily, I found a peptide in the fruit of Marus Alba that mimic's the effect of GHRP and it's natural analog Ghrelin (2). This was an amazing find! I could now legally sell a supplement that had the same effect as GHRP-2 without being illegal! Understand, that this peptide is not Ghrelin, but does exactly what synthetic peptides like GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 do, stimulate the GHSR receptor! Amazing find, but I couldn't stop there.

GHRH is the other receptor that allows for LARGE increases in growth hormone (up to 12 times baseline). By stimulating this receptor you cause massive spikes in circulating GH. Luckily, we found an amazing GHRH stimulating supplement that I included in GHenerate to boost growth hormone levels even higher. This pathway is totally new to the sports supplement world and the next paragraph details the GHRH agonist I found!

Puerariae Radix is a plant that has one particular constituent that is set to be the next superstar. It is called puerarin! Puerarin is an amazing nutrient that shows a 520% increase in growth hormone release (1) by stimulating the GHRH receptor. This ingredient was an amazing find but the key is the liquid "under the tongue" bioavailability which makes it biologically active. 520% increase in circulating GH is a HUGE increase and shows that this second pathway is very potent at releasing GH. We use only 98% pure puerarin complexed with cyclodextrin in our formula so it is ultra potent. Puerarin has also been shown to be an anti-aromatase, and a natural SERM, but this is not the main effect, compared to the GHRH stimulation, just a side benefit (3, 4). Finally, this wonder ingredient is a natural phosphoinositol 3 kinase (PI3K) stimulator which is the same anabolic pathway stimulated by IGF-1 and insulin to load the muscle with glycogen. I have to say, even I am impressed by this amazing material. GHRH stimulation, Aromatase Inhibition, natural SERM activity AND PI3K activity! Jackpot!

These two ultra potent pathways are what give GHenerate the amazing body recomp, appetite increasing effects that were experienced by our testers and make it the most potent GH secreting agent ever produced. One tester gained 8lbs on GHenerate alone, which is unheard of for a GH product. There is nothing on the market like GHenerate!

Formadrol Extreme

Your Testosterone levels are always under attack by age, a prohormone or steroid cycle, medications and even the environment. Some of these factors even shut your production down completely, which makes losing fat and gaining muscle very difficult. So now, instead of being primed to build muscle and strength and feeling horny as a goat, you have Estrogen running around building fat, making you lose your hair and turning your motor off. Sometimes, your pituitary gets really confused and TURNS OFF Testosterone production COMPLETELY!

FORMADROL EXTREME may up your Testosterone levels, may block Estrogen conversion and may help you create your own Testosterone, naturally. ,It's the most powerful natural Anti-Estrogen, Pro-Testosterone Complex we could find. FORMADROL EXTREME combines three ferocious anti-estrogen ingredients reduce it while iit may Testosterone at the same time.

We combine two aromatase inhibitors that attach themselves to the Aromatase enzyme, and are shown to deactivate it from converting testosterone to estrogen. Aromatase is the enzyme that your body uses to convert Testosterone to Estrogen. This important feedback also controls LH and gonadal testosterone release, which makes reducing it very important for recovery after a cycle of prohormones or for anyone that wants to increase their natural testosterone levels.

We start by reducing the enzyme which causes Estrogen conversion, this blocks water weight, fat gains and other negative effects. So far so good. The second ingredient is a natural SERM that may block Estrogen too AND may increase Testosterone.

This same dynamite ingredient may normalize your T-levels which is particularly important if you've just finished a steroid or pro-hormone cycle that jacked up your Testosterone level. Without this, your body could SHUT DOWN TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION!

The selected logger will receive 2x Natadrol, 1 GHenerate and 1 Formadrol Extreme

Tester Requirements:

* Please post apps in this thread.
* Testers must be 21 years of age or older.
* Testers must be available to start their log immediately after receiving the product.
* Testers must NOT have any medical condition(s).
* Testers must NOT make any changes to their nutrition or training during the log.
* Testers must NOT add other variables such as new supplements during the log.
* Testers must NOT have any "pending logs/reviews" from any other company.
* Testers must keep the log going for the duration of the product.
* Testers must update their logs at least 3 times per week.
* Testers are encouraged to provide "Before" and "After" photos.
* Testers must log the product here at Muscle and brawn.

Log Application:

ANY and ALL Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs:
Current Supplements:
Can you post "before" and "after" photos (yes or no):

DISCLAIMER: I have read the terms above completely. I agree to them 100% and the WARNINGS listed for the above mentioned products do not apply to me. I do NOT have a medical condition and am 21 years of age or older. I do NOT feel that I MAY have a medical condition. I do not have symptoms of ANY medical condition. I will be able to start my log on receipt of product.
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