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BendtheBar 01-29-2010 07:21 AM

FN Amped & FN Ripped Buy One Get One Free
Get FN Amped and Get FN Ripped are both buy one, get one free:

Genetic Edge Get FN Amp'd - Pre Workout Stimulant Energy! On Sale! | Muscle & Strength


Introducing...GET FN Amp'd! Genetic Edge Technologies FN Amp'd is a pre-workout stimulant. Get ready for the most explosive energy (stimulant) product on the market today. Be careful, only take one capsule - it's that strong!
Get FM Amped has 90 capsules containing 300 mgs caffeine plus a proprietary blend.

Genetic Edge Get FN Ripped - Ground Breaking Fat Loss Formula! On Sale! | Muscle & Strength


Genetic Edge Technologies FN Ripped is a ground breaking fat loss formula that is light years ahead of the competition. Using TPGS the most advanced delivery system available for maximum results! But we don't stop there. GET FN Ripped's sustained release formulation provides rapid, effective and safe weight loss! Each dose goes to work almost instantly attacking stored body fat, decreasing your appetite and speeding up your metabolism. GET FN Ripped contains only pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients not cheap herbals that can't be absorbed by the human body. No other fat burner on the market works faster or is more powerful! Don't get ripped off - GET FN Ripped !
Get FM Ripped has 90 capsules. With the BOGO, you get a 6 month supply for only $32.

BendtheBar 01-29-2010 12:44 PM

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