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BendtheBar 07-06-2009 09:22 AM

A Few Supplement Quotes
BTW, T-mag took down their links to this BS. I threw in the Bill Phillips quote simply because I used to worship the guy

"HMB feels like Deca." - Bill Phillips.

"Gonzo amounts of multiple steroids, taken as a stack, will produce many times the results of anything else that I know about. On the other hand, a stack of max amounts of Androsol and Tribex-500 should produce pretty much the same thing as 250-500 mg of Sustanon per week."

"Well, I'm going to step out on a big, albeit shaky, limb here and make an even bolder statement. This new 4-AD formula, when used exactly the way we've used it in our experiments, feels like Sustanon! And I'm not kidding around. Oh, I'm chuckling as I type the word "Sustanon" because of how smarmy something like that looks, but I'm also as serious as I can be. This formula of 4-AD really does feel like a serious steroid. I'm not saying that it's like taking thousands of milligrams of your favorite juice stack per week, but it does feel like 250-500 mg of Sustanon."

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