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Nutrition, Diet and Supplements Discuss nutrition, diet, cutting and weight loss. Supplement discussions as well.

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Default Nutrition, Nutrient timing, metabolic flexibility, carbs, and cardio.

I thought I'd share some nutrition protocols that have been working for me. This is not a cut or bulk, it is an easy nutrition lifestyle where you can burn fat, and actually eat more calories because timing matters more than calories in calories out.

As far as credit I am not going to cite anything but instead I will list the resources I used to make this plan.
Ben Pakulski, Layne Norton, Eric Serrano, John Meadows, Jon Bosse, Cliff Wilson, John Gorman, Jacob Wilson

The basics are this. You don't need to count calories. You should know about what your macros should be though and just autoregulate.

Rule 1.Dont skip breakfast. Wake up and consume protein and fat. Lots of fat, don't be shy. This will signal the body to burn fat as its energy source, as well as keeping you metabolically flexible. You may eat carbs later in the day and your body will switch energy sources. Eating carbs in the morning signals the opposite, use carbs for energy and make you metabolically inflexible, as well as decreased insulin sensitivity. Look at your average fat American eating fast food throughout the day and pop tarts for breakfast, this is a metabolically inflexible body.

Rule 2. Do not eat high carbs and high fat in the same meal. This messes your body up and you will store fat.

Rule 3. Get your carbs in around your workout. Preworkout meal of chicken and rice, oats and whey, low fat pop tarts with bcaa's etc. This is fuel for your training. Intra workout use bcaa and carbs ( dextrose or carb supplement )which bypass digestion, train hard. This will fuel you and reduce recovery time. Post training, get your protein and carbs to refuel your muscles, jumpstart recovery, you want to spike insulin now. Think protein shake and kids cereal, or a post training supp like freak maker build is a good choice. In short get a good amount of proteins, low fats (not no fats) and carbs around training. These calories you intake will be used by the body and really don't even contribute to your daily calorie intake as your body will burn off calories using them.

Rule 3. Get your fiber up. With a low carb diet, or partial diet, you need lots of fiber. Eat lots of leafy greens, and green vegetables. Throughout the day. Try flax, and chia seeds.

Rule 4.
Now the rest of the day is up to you. Eat balanced meals is what I would recommend.

Caveats: eating low carbs will make your muscles look flat and like you don't even lift. Eat more carb/protein meals if you want fuller muscles and auto regulate fat intake. I love rice to puff me up.

Cardio, yeah don't put me down for cardio. I replicate a Wingate bicycle on an elliptical and get fantastic results. A Wingate bicycle drops a weight when a certain top speed is hit and you have a high momentum against a force. This results in extremely hard work in a short period. Expect a huuuuge quad pump fron the tons of blood flow, a super high heart rate, and exhaustion. The after effects are where the magic happens. An increase in metabolic activity for like 18 hours. I like to do this after leg day as it seems to really help my recovery. On a real Wingate 4 sets of 10 seconds work. On an elliptical, 4 sets of 15 seconds. start pedaling fast and put the resistance to the max, sprint all out for 15 seconds. Do not use the arms. Repeat when you are physically ready. If you do it right, you'll have a giant pump, feel like puking, and be completely winded. I'd say do this at least once a week. Takes me 6 minutes.

I'd love to hear feedback. Remember the only thing that's going to work for you is what you try and get results from.
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Great Post. Cycling made easy.
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