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bamazav 05-30-2014 04:48 PM

$250 Challenge
Many of us are strapped for cash these days. I am putting forth a challenge to all to come up with a shopping list and menu for the month on $250. Similar to BB's Big on a Budget Series. I am trying to be a little realistic as many of us have someone else in the house to feed, so we have to think about at least two people per meal, not just one.


1. Your monthly budget is $250 and this includes your whey. When writing the shopping list out, put the specific whey and cost.

2. Share both price and place you bought your food products.

3. Include a one day suggested menu to show how the products would be used.

There ya go, easy peazy.

Ryano 05-30-2014 05:43 PM

$250/month??? Wow. My wife and I spend about $100/week. I think I would cut back other expenses before food.

skids 05-30-2014 05:56 PM

Blimey ,$250 is my weekly budget. Food must be dearer over here :confused:.

Epinephrine 05-30-2014 05:56 PM

I spend 50-100 on just myself for a week.... Couldn't imagine 250/month for two.

Squatter 05-30-2014 06:09 PM

I am also at slightly over a $1000 per month here in Canada for food and sundry items I regularly spend more than $250.00 per week at Costco.

TDawg75 05-30-2014 06:25 PM

For a family of five we run about 225-250 a week. My specific portion of that is roughly 50 a week, but that only covers my meals while I am away from home, not the food I eat at home with the family. That does not include my whey either.

I would be very interested to see what some folks come up with. I am in dire need of a convenient but inexpensive source of carbs I can prepare/eat at work on training days. Right now that consists of Ramen Noodles, not the best choice.

Xispe 05-30-2014 06:40 PM

I can live off 25 to 40 euros per week (eating well of course) here in Portugal.

I however, almost never buy whey. And when i do, i buy in bulk unflavoured.

jdmalm123 05-30-2014 07:41 PM

Sam's Club

Month's supply...

30 Coffee K-cups: $13
4 Creamer: $20
6 lbs Bacon: $20
60 Eggs: $8
8 Gal Milk: $25
5# Muscletech Whey: $35
12 Boost high protein: $14
12 CLIF MOJO bars: $10
2 sandwiches/week: $44
1/2 Gal Ice cream: $6
20 Steaks: $40
2 roaster chickens: $10

That's $245.

That is my menu.

skids 05-30-2014 08:18 PM

I'm not sure if this counts or not but when I was a apprentice I was as broke as a church mouse and I couldn't afford much food.

So my way around this was to go to the stock yard sales and buy live animals that I could slaughter and proses into meat. Pretty grim I know but all meat starts as a animal.

Sheep and goats were the norm for some years, $20 to $50 bucks for a old euw. One of them would keep me in food for 2 to 3 weeks if I was careful, I used to go to the poultry sales every Wednesday and buy a couple of live chickens for about $2 a piece, supermarket was about $6/$7 bucks at the time per chicken so yeah good saving there.

veggies would be supplied from Mum for about 5 months of the year, Mum has always had a big veggie garden.

That was my staples anyway, the rest of my pay check went to beer. Priority's are mixed up when you are young :dunno2:.

jdmalm123 05-30-2014 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by skids (Post 484337)
all meat starts as a animal.



Originally Posted by skids (Post 484337)
rest of my pay check went to beer. Priority's are mixed up when you are young :dunno2:.

So, you mean you should have bought more beer? :D

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