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syn 03-31-2013 04:10 PM

Have I got this right? eating towards target weight
Have I got this right?

I was reading the bulk or cut article in the stickies, and I like the idea of eating towards your target body weight, (picking your target body weight setting up the calories and eat at the level until you achieve your goal)

So if My goal was 170lbs at about 12%body fat,
and I used this Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs
to plug in my stats such as height,age,amount of exercise per week, I would simply eat towards the amount of calories prescribed?
(I know these things are not perfect, I'm just using it as a starting point)

and Ill eat between 1 & 2 grams of protein for lb of body weight & make up the rest with essential fats & carbs

sorry If these seems like bit of a dumb question,
if I'm 160lbs now training 5/6 times a week aiming for 170 lean, I should eat
2700 calories daily

(2700 calories being maintenance for someone who is training 5days a week)

Thanks for reading

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