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SaxonViolence 03-29-2013 12:08 PM

Liquid Amino Acids?
Many years ago, I remembered that they offered gallon jugs of Liquid Amino Acids.

Some folks died after fasting and taking nothing but the Liquid Amino Acids—some kind of Crack-Brained Fad Diet...

{I wonder if these could have been a cases of "Rabbit Starvation".}

At any rate, the Liquid Amino Acids disappeared off the scene for awhile.

Lately I've noticed that they're back.

Yeah—they're Dog Gone Expensive and recommended in too tiny sized dosages to accomplish much of anything...

But If money were no object and you could afford to chug-a-lug 40-60 grams worth of pre-digested Amino Acids in the proper amounts for Protein Synthesis at a time...

Would being able to inject large amounts of Amino Acids into the bloodstream almost instantly have any special advantages?

Saxon Violence

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