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SaxonViolence 03-29-2013 11:54 AM

Has anyone used Inosine?

Back in the '80s when it first hit the market, Dr Fred Hatfield was a big supporter.


Inosine goes into the Muscle and Forces it to create and store more ATP.

When you run out of ATP, The Anaerobic Engine shuts down; Oxygen Debt kicks in and you have to rid yourself of Lactic Acid.

The dude who wisely stoked his muscles with Inosine will be able to do 5 Reps with the same weight his Twin Brother who didn't take Inosine will only be able to get 3 reps with.

Over time this will result in noticeably more growth.

Hatfield said in one article, that over the long run, Inosine may very well be a better growth agent than Steroids.

Back to the present:

Inosine is largely forgotten.

If you look it up, it is no longer said to increase ATP formation.

{Doesn't the old Hypothesized Action sound a lot like Creatine?}

Hatfield offers it on his site at prices that would bankrupt a bricklayer.

Yeah, I tend to downgrade such Frantic Claims considerably, but when folks are saying its good for "5000" Maybe it is good for at least "700".

I took Inosine Pre-Workout for several years.

{Along with Caffeine and Pseudoephedrine tablets}

It seemed to give me a big boost—I do know about Placebo Effect...

Thing was, I found my non-exercising kin could take them as a general "Pick-me-up".

I've given my mother many Vitamins. She swore by Vit E (1000 IU); thought 1000 Mgs of C daily was moderately helpful, and said she really couldn't feel any of the others.

While she was pretty much an Invalid, she said the Inosine sent her into Hyper-Drive.

I also found that three or four of the tablets in the morning would pretty much take the place of a Night's Sleep.

Ahh—but here's the thing: My mother stopped using them, she said the crash after a couple days was too bad...

I noticed that after using them in lieu of sleep, there would be a vicious backlash if I tried to do without two night's sleep in a row.

Thing is: It seems that the Capsules Must be doing Something to allow such a vicious crash to build up.

{Some wag will doubtless suggest that someone was putting some Benzedrine into my Inosine Capsules...

No, Benzedrine would Wire one out much more and the crash would come after ten days to three weeks of Chinging around, not two or three days later...}

No, I didn't give my mother or anyone else my Caffeine or Pseudoephedrine tablets—nor did I include them in my "Sleep Surrogate"

Anyone know anything useful or interesting about Inosine?

Saxon Violence

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