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NB25 03-25-2013 11:14 AM

Skeletal Muscle resistant to amino acids after exercise
Hello all,

I'm a bit of a physiology nerd, when it comes to human sport and performance. I was hoping someone might have some insight or knowledge of a study suggesting that after exercise its best to wait roughly an hour before ingesting protein due to the fact in young men, after exercise their muscles are not as receptive to receiving nutritents as they are an hour later.

I swear i just saw this study but i cant seem to track it down for the life of me.

I know there are a few places that suggest greater gains with EAAs before (which is common knowledge) and that certain test groups gained more muscle mass waiting an hr that the group that did not wait.

Ori Hofmekler says "First off, after training your muscle becomes temporarily insulin resistant. Thatís due to tissue micro-injuries which impair the mechanism that utilizes glucose in your muscle. "

Does anybody have any insight about this mystery study...

Thank you

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