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thumpinos 01-13-2013 01:16 AM

Semantics of what is a "fad diet"
I was talking to my sister today about my eating habits and she thought that high protein was a fad diet. She proceeded to tell me that she was involved with some diet that told her she could only eat eggs and grapefuit before noon, and one candy bar after noon and before dinner. We spent about 10 minutes discussing fad diets. I was trying to convince her that my diet was normal and her diet was a fad.

After this conversation I began thinking about fad diets and what diet parameters are considered normal and which might be considered fads.

What do you consider normal diet parameters and what would you consider to be a fad?

5kgLifter 01-14-2013 04:28 PM

Well, everything, every eating plan is a "diet" though the term diet is associated with a lack of calories, in about a diet for a newcomer to BBing, that doesn't understand that you can have muscle building and fat loss styled diets and they get confused by the notion, mostly because "diet" has generally meant "eat less" or "restrict food groups".

So, diet is anything we eat, IMO, I tend not to use the term at all if I can help it, saves issues.

Fad diets would be the extreme of the weird diets, for me, after all, each diet has it's inherent rules, eat less, eat celery before noon (made that up ;)), eat carbs until noon, eat lots of wind producing fibre, chew your milk...etc; so, for me a fad diet is a diet that ends on the the very extreme end of the diet range, other than that they're all just different and nothing more.

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