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SCStrong 12-03-2012 04:34 PM

Cellucor C4 and Nox Plode questions.
Ok, I did not post this so folks can bash one supplement company or another. ( or any supplements for that matter) But I had a feww questions:

Has any one here tried BSN's NO xPlode or Cellucor's C4 Extreme pre workout powdrers?

If so, what is your opinion?

Do they work?

Which one works better?

Would you recommend using them?

Do they need to be cycled?

I have tried samples of both and I like C4 better it seems to work better for me and I do not like the fizz associated with NO Plode.

I also like the taste a little better ( Blue Raz was the one I tried)

Hunterace 12-03-2012 04:45 PM

Tried many pre's including these.
I didn't like Noxplode at all, made me sick. Tried different doses but had no good effects.
C4 I liked and use. I bought three tubs in some sale.
Best I've personally liked, Kotic, C4, Volatile
I got some Kotic samples from Rich Knapp, and I will be buying some next time.
I take a break from pre's on occasion for a week or two. Normally when I deload or take time off. I have no idea if it makes much of a difference. I never noticed a bigger boost or pumps or energy after the break, but if I'm not lifting or lifting light I don't waste it for a half a$$ workout.
It's hard to recommend supplements though, because what works for me might suck for you.
Best of luck, if you have anymore questions on something specific just ask me

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