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rippednmichigan 07-05-2009 01:35 PM

NEW PCT product: Addressing PCT from multiple angl
Hello Muscle and Brawn!

I am pleased to announce that Force of Green Labs will be releasing a PCT product within the month. After months of research on testosterone normalization (via multiple pathways), researching never before used compounds, and reviewing feedback on some oldies, but goodies, I have compiled a formula that people can trust.

Running an AAS cycle requires a lot of research, intelligence, planning, and strategy. One's training, caloric intake, etc. must be tailored accordingly if results are to be attained to the fullest. Not everyone is able to obtain prescription anti-estrogens or SERMs and not everyone can trust the purity of research chemicals that are likely imported from a country where quality control standards just aren't top priority.

There are also some new compounds that are being incorporated into PCT products such as transresveratrol and some new OTC anti-estrogens that haven't had all that much research in humans to restore HPTA function and normalize testosterone/estrogen after running doses and combinations of AAS that far exceed that of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). That is not to say that these compounds don't or won't work, but in most cases, it is smart to use OTC PCT protocols as an adjunct to something that is proven.

Enter the realm of reSURGEnce reSURGEnce

reSURGEnce will represent a PCT formula that can be trusted by individuals who have busted their butts, spent their hard earned cash, and probably shrunk their testes to pack on quality mass.

reSURGEnce will bring back balance to the GABAergic system, post AAS use. Using our topical GABA and buxamin combination, reSURGEnce will restore synchronization with the two isomers (R) and (S). Although Baclofen is 5x stronger (mg per mg) as far as binding affinity, they both share the same mechanism of action and can allow the gnRH release to continue.

More information will be disclosed soon.

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