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rippednmichigan 10-23-2009 09:13 PM

LG - New Product SubEcdy
Posted by LG God on LG Sciences Forum


Originally Posted by LG God
Ecdysterone products have been of interest since I first heard about them. Sadly, I've taken up to 1200mg orally of ecdy and had ZERO results. The company LegalGear still makes a topical ecdy product that is great and has a loyal following, but topical products are messy and most people don't understand them.

With that being said I know through the studies that ecdy can be successfully used to gain muscle, increase recovery and improve physical stamina. The secret is getting it into the system!

I am developing a ecdy product that you swish in your mouth, then swallow completely. This product will have co-factors and delivery enhancers to help really get more into your system and help it stay there when you need it most! I am making the first 10 bottles of this new ecdy product available for testers on anabolic minds, so we can get good feedback on how well it works. I did a small test yesterday, dissolving 70% ecdysterone in water with HP-beta-cyclodextrin and it went perfectly into solution. Made a nice, clear solution with no particulates. Tomorrow is an even bigger test, mainly because complexed solutions can "crash" if they are not treated with respect. Meaning particles can fall out of solution and the solution becomes unstable. So, tomorrow I will try some of the various co-factors in with the ecdy and see if I can get a stable solution, then add in the stabilizers, acid and flavoring and if all goes well get it in the hands of testers.

fightback 11-09-2009 10:55 PM

real interested in this and Natadrol and heck even Ghenerate

BendtheBar 11-10-2009 07:24 AM

Anyone have more on ...Ecdysterone...

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