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rippednmichigan 10-19-2009 07:37 PM

NEW! Anadraulic State flavor, PB/Cookie Dough Protein, Ghenerate, Natadrol, Postal...
LG Sciences has soooOO much new stuff going on its ridiculous. Here are just some of the newest of the new...more coming soon of course...

Anadraulic State - New Killer Fruit Punch
Anadraulic State is the first pre-workout product made exclusively to build the key androgenic compounds needed for extreme muscle growth. Its powerful 4 stage release technology increases the key factors in a man's endocrine system that cause muscle growth and cellular expression. Based on years of scientific research, this product combines our Receptor technology with the active pSARM's and anti-estrogens found in our other popular products, along with a new type of creatine to give you the most complete formula for increasing muscle growth.

Lipotropic protein - Peanut Butter/Cookie dough
*Almost ZERO Bloat or Stomach Discomfort
*Includes Polyphenols, similar to green tea for increased fat burning effect
*Super High BCAA Content
*Higher Glutamine Content Of Any Protein Source

Lipotropic Protein is an amazing tasting nutrient dense protein that contains a precise blend of Genus Protein, Whey Concentrate, Whey Isolate, Egg Protein, Micellar Casien and Milk Protein Isolates. It is nutritionally complete and may increase fat loss. Genus protein contains advanced polyphenols that can help the body ramp up thermogenesis but we've also added in Betaine which has been used in food products and is shown in the literature to help convert nutrients to muscle vs. fat. This powerful blend gives your body all of the nutrients it needs to blast fat and increase muscle! Blended proteins may be better than single sources for increasing muscle mass due to the different release times. This unique protein source is found exclusively in LG Sciences Lipotropic Protein, making it stand above the rest.

GHenerate - Sublingual GHenerate is in fact a powerful combination of extracts that have been shown in the scientific literature to promote GH release naturally via they two major pathways GHRH and GHRP.

We have isolated a plant extract that IS an androgen and contains 2 Co-factors that have secondary anabolic properties. Not a pSARM or anything like that, the real deal. Not that it won't have sides like androgens since the main mechanism was shown to increase prostate growth and muscle mass. So, it will certainly be for people over 21 and WILL have some sides of an androgen. So, be warned, it's the real deal.

Postal - Post Workout 4 PHASE TECHNOLOGY
Postal contains high BCAA proteins, creatine and singular amino acids, to help maximize muscle recovery. Postal also contains waxy maize starch to help pull these nutrients into the cells more quickly and effectively. Waxy maize starch and dextrose will help replenish the muscles glycogen stores, spike insulin and create the perfect anabolic recovery blend. Postal can be used by men and women who want the best possible recovery agent after their workout. Don't waste your hard earned workouts by letting your muscles starve, GO POSTAL!

...Oh and we are retiring pSARM and Cold Fusion EX.

rippednmichigan 12-28-2009 06:27 PM

Be on the look out for the new flavor of Anadraulic State!

"Well, I've been using the secret formula for about 8 days now and all I
can sy is WOW. Yeah, I know it's my own creation etc... but I am not
kidding, this **** is amazing.

Take the old formula (which I admit was just too strong) and add in a
GREAT flavor system (tastes like a sweet tart) and you have Anadraulic

Just a few of the new additions - all of the old test boosting stuff
plus all of the same whey hydrosalates BUT now with Hibiscus, the KING
of pSARM's AND a whopping 250mg dose of QUERCETIN but no NO precursors
(outside the amino acid blend)

Why Quercetin in this product too?

Good question! Well we have been running all over the world telling them
our secret that you are best NOT to mix NO and creatine since they are
timed differently. Well, Quercetin which is in our Anadraulic PUMP is
what makes that product work so well by inhibiting arginase, the enzyme
that destroys arginine in the liver before it can get to the
bloodstream. This powerhouse is being sold by a very FAMOUS cyclist
who's name begins with Lance Armstrong as a powerful preworkout aid
because of it's endurance effects. So, by loading the body with this you
get the dual benefit of it being a performance enhancement product PLUS
helping knock down the body's storehouse of Arginase! So, if you take
your Anadraulic State GT 60 minutes before a workout AND your Anadraulic
Pump 15 minutes before a workout you get the additive effect!

How does it taste?

Ok, ok...I heard you. New flavor system that I CRAVE. I am not talking
about choking it down, I am saying I CRAVE this **** and actually have
to hold myself back from drinking too much. If you don't LOVE this new
flavor system (Strawberry Lemonade Sweet & Tart) you can officially
throw ripe tomatoe's at me for charity at the next Arnold DEAL? I think
I am safe..."

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