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henryh 05-31-2012 05:59 PM

Is this normal?
Since I have started lifting, I have noticed that I am hungry all the time. Used to be I could eat twice a day and feel fine. Now I want to eat everything I see. Is this normal?

bruteforce 05-31-2012 06:02 PM

Yeah. And eat, you'll get stronger.

IronWill 05-31-2012 06:02 PM

LOL, I'm hungry all the time too! Your body wants fuel!

Off Road 05-31-2012 07:02 PM

Try a set of HEAVY/MAX 20 rep breathing deadlifts and see what happens to your hunger levels. You probably don't have enough food in the house :chow:

TitanCT 05-31-2012 07:33 PM

i am never truly full...

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