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fqqs 01-18-2012 04:38 PM

is this a good workout for bodybuilding purposes (bulking)
Mon- Pull:
deadlift 3 x 5
BB row 3 x 5-8
Pullups 3 x 8
DB rows 3 x 10
Incline DB curls 3 x 10
+ hammies/back stretching

Wed- Push:
Flat bench 3 x 5
Incline db bench 3 x 8-10
military press 3 x 8
dips(weighted) 3 x 5-10
inc db flyes 3 x 10
inc bb french press 3 x 10
+ hammies/back stretching

Fri- Legs/Abs
Front squat 3 x 5
Bulgarian split squat w/ dbs 3 x 10
Leg curls 3 x 10
Single leg calf raise /w dip belt 3 x 10
Hanging leg raises 3 x 10
Renegade row 3 x 5
+ hammies/back stretching

I still want to bulk. Just need a solid routine, but i consider myself still as an intermediate so I seek for any advice from more advanced ppl. Thank you! Sory for my english

and do you think i should take every set to failure? some people say so... at the moment im reaching failure only on last set. 2 preceding sets are hard, but 1-2 reps shy of concentric failure. i find that if i go to failure in 1st set, my later sets are much worse and i overall do less workload that way.

Off Road 01-18-2012 05:19 PM

I'm sure that's a fine routine for some and a disaster for others. Only you can tell if it's right for you. But if you're not really sure, then I'd say to look for something a little more simple.

Working to failure is a fine thing when done periodically. I wouldn't do it too often though. There's a saying that says training to failure teaches the body to reach failure sonner. It's not far from the truth.

mab54 01-18-2012 06:30 PM

I only take a set to failure once a week and thats almost always by accident, anymore then that is a bit of over kill if done to often.

Also about the routine exactly what Off Road said, it may work for some and for others not so much. Have you looked through some of the routines off this site, I have tried a few and really liked them.

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