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Rich Knapp 12-27-2011 10:08 AM

WNBF Pro Rich Knapps training log.
Hello all My name is Rich Knapp. I'm a 100% natural pro bodybuilder.
I get random and multiple drug tests to make sure I am drug free.

I got into bodybuilding late in my life after I found out I had Multiple Sucroses.

I am now 10 years later a wheelchair bodybuilder and have won my WNBF pro card at 45 years old. with a career rocord of:

CAREER Amateur PLACINGS= 46.66%, if I entered a show, I place 1st in my class.

Out of 15 Shows (11 standing and open class)(4 wheelchair class)
1st= 7 , 2nd= 4 , 3rd= 3
ONLY: 1 out of the 15 shows didn’t place in top 3.

1999 Midwest Championship. I placed 3rd in the Novice Class
2000 Great Lakes Pro-Qualifier I took 3rd place in the Light Weight Open Class
2000 North East Championships 1st in Open Light Weight Open Class
2000 Midwest Championships 1st Open Light Weight Open Class
2001 Great Lakes Pro-Qualifier 2nd Open Light Weight Open Class
2001 WI State Championships 2nd Open Light Weight Open Class
2002 Wisconsin State Championships 1st place Open Light Weight Class
2002 Great Lakes Pro-Qualifier 2nd place Open Class Light Weight Class
2003 Great Lakes Pro-Qualifier 3rd place Open Light Weight Class
2004 Great Lakes Pro-Qualifier 2nd place Open Light Weight Class
2010 INBF US Central Championships 1st Place Wheelchair Class
2010 INBF WI State Championships 1st Place Wheelchair Class
2010 Mr. Natural Minnesota Physically Challenged 1st Place
There was another INBF show in the early 2000′s in there, I totally blew coming in and didn’t place.

2011 INBF BUCKEYE CLASSICS/NATURAL WHEELCHAIR NATIONALS-WNBF PRO-Q. 1st Place Natural Wheelchair (Winning my WNBF Pro Card being the First Wheelchair Pro in WNBF History)

I haven't done a pro show as of yet (Dec 2011) because I am the first ever WNBF Wheelchair Pro and have to wait for a few more to win a card so they can hold a pro show.

Sponsors: 3DMuscleJourney, AAEFX, Muscle and Brawn, TiLite Custom Wheelchairs, IronMaster.

I will be keeping a workout log here., and when the time arives I do a cut, it will be here also. You can also follow my daily events on Face Book at "Rich Knapp Wnbf Pro"

Thank you for following.

BendtheBar 12-27-2011 10:37 AM

3 straight "firsts", and with your conditioning this string should go on for quite some time.

Rich Knapp 12-27-2011 10:47 AM

I'm presently bulking so my macro's are as follows:
Pro 175
Fats and Carbs very by the days activities. (Average: Fats 40g, carbs 250).

I am also very sedentary and arms burn 2/3's less cals than legs do as far as my daily needs.

Being 80-100% wheelchair my legs burn nothing in cals compared to someone that only walks.

I just switched my rotation to a
Back, Tri.
Delt, Core

2 warm up sets
3 working sets between 5-10 rep range
2 saturation sets around 15-20 range.

I am also a very instinctive bodybuilder. I do what the body feels it needs and can do.
I start each w/o with a base plan and tweek it as my body tells me.
I may use the same weight this week but do my reps a lot slower or more of them. Getting older and training for a longer time, gains are not just over all weight lifted per rep. If you get more reps or at a slower tempo, its a gain and progress. ;)
I track everything on Pro Track 2008 to make sure I am not back sliding.
When I cut for a show I hit my macro's on the money right down to the gram. I just came off 2 years of doing shows and guest posing and never going off my macro's other than a planed cheat day during the whole 2 years. :rockon:

Rich Knapp 12-27-2011 10:54 AM

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Originally Posted by BendtheBar (Post 201429)
3 straight "firsts", and with your conditioning this string should go on for quite some time.

Thanks Steve.
I am learning my body even better now than before. I am learning how my body reacts to the carb loads for fullness and muscle tissue holding 4x normal levels on show day with the guest posing and there being no pressure.

Being 45+ competing against on average, 20-30 year old guys I need to keep on my "A" game.

I think my arm size shows I am close. I didn't have time to pump up my back or chest at this guest posing show but got the arms done.

bruteforce 12-27-2011 11:05 AM

Amazing work Rich. I'll be sure to keep an eye on the action in this thread, and good luck for the year to come.

Rich Knapp 12-27-2011 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by bruteforce (Post 201444)
Amazing work Rich. I'll be sure to keep an eye on the action in this thread, and good luck for the year to come.

^5 brute

After Jan 1st I am going back to 2 w/o's a day so till then things will be a little light. ;)

Rich Knapp 12-27-2011 04:07 PM


Dec 27th
– Back and Tri day
Pre w/o: AAEFX’s HBM, GlutaZorb and K-Otic
Intra: 50g Karbolyn with my BCAA’s
Post w/o: AAEFX’s protein, spinach, pineapple, no-fat milk, AAEFX’s HBM.

Db Incline Bench Rows (face down, Db brought to the upper thigh/hip)
1. Warm up set
2. Warm up set
3. 95’s x 10
4. 105’s x 10
5. 105’s x 10
6. 105’s x 10
7. 105’s x 10
8. 105’s x 10

Pro Grip LPD’s to back of neck with a squeeze, weight plus chains
1. 95 x 15
2. 115 x 10
3. 125 x 10
4. 125 x 10
5. 125 x 10

Tri Press Downs, seated S.S.’s (Overhand-Underhand), weight plus chains
1. 45 x 10/10
2. 45 x 12/12
3. 45 x 12/12
4. 45 x 10/10
 LBA, LG-5, Cell Rush
5. 45 x 10/10
6. 45 x 10/10

Rich Knapp 12-27-2011 07:04 PM

I was asked:


Shannon Chisholm:

Hey Rich I have a question. I noticed that you eat pinapple and spinach post workout. Du mind to tell me why?

Rich Knapp Wnbf Pro:
spinach for vitamins, iron and minerals. ;)

Rich Knapp Wnbf Pro:
There also is Bromelain in Pineapple, a natural anti-inflammatory with analgesic properties, encourages healing, promotes well-being and has many other health benefits. Bromelain is very effective in treating bruises, sprains and strains by reducing swelling, tenderness and pain. ( This was a cut and paste)

Rich Knapp 12-29-2011 10:05 AM

Dec 28th
gave Delts a brake
Chest and Bis:

Pre w/os: K-Otic, HBM, GlutaZorb
Intra w/os: BCAA, 50g AAEFX Karbolyn
Immediate Post w/o: AAEFX NF Pro, no-fat milk, spinach, pineapple, V-C shake.

w/o = saturation work

Bb Flat Bench Press, 3-1-3-1 tempo
1. 135 x 15
2. 135 x 15
3. 150 x 15
4. 150 x 15
5. 150 x 15
6. 150 x 15
7. 135 x 15

Db Flat Presses
1. 55s x 15
2. 55s x 15
3. 55s x 15

 Cell Rush, LBA Pro, LG-5

V Handle S.S. Curls, over / under, weight plus chains set 1 and 2
1. 45 x 15/15
2. 45 x 15/15
3. 45 x 15/15
4. 45 x 15/15

BendtheBar 12-29-2011 11:57 AM

Real solid volume Rich. That looks excellent all the way around.

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