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wannebe91 12-26-2011 12:01 PM

Not training all body parts
Why do some people think they can get by with only training the upper half of their bodies. I have seen a few guys at my gym who only do this. And truth be told they look stupid. Big arms and chest with crap for legs. Do you think it look silly when others do this.

5kgLifter 12-26-2011 12:03 PM

Anything out of proportion looks silly on anyone, but they probably figure they will only be flashing their biceps, abs, and chests at the girls, so they don't need to do legs.


Off Road 12-26-2011 12:05 PM

From what I hear, girls like nice butts and legs too.

5kgLifter 12-26-2011 12:10 PM


Originally Posted by Off Road (Post 201181)
From what I hear, girls like nice butts and legs too.

'Tis true, we do :)

BendtheBar 12-26-2011 12:30 PM

Does anyone really like chicken legs and a small, unimpressive butt?

Not trying to be crude here but when I was in my prime my butt received much more attention than my biceps.

Davis 12-26-2011 01:25 PM

I have a friend/training partner who used to only do arms and chest. A year later he looks back at how stupid it was. He's still got small legs, but he's seen more gains on his upper body since he started training a bit more all around. He's got a better back since he's started deadlifting more often.

Really, I think it's stupid to avoid any part of your body(well, I avoid calves). If you're stronger and bigger all over, that can only be a plus. Plus, a girl may be attracted by your arms, but big arms and small this and that aren't too impressive or manly. Sex has more to do with hip drive too... So yes, it is stupid not to train every body part for multiple reasons.

Fazc 12-26-2011 01:33 PM

I've honestly never seen anyone with half decent upper body development (and not just a low bodyfat) who has skinny legs.

I have seen PLENTY of guys who don't squat or deadlift, or do anything particularly hard and look like little boys.

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