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BendtheBar 10-13-2011 12:07 AM

The Ten Perils Of Machine Training by Fred Hatfield
The Ten Perils Of Machine Training by Fred Hatfield


* No machine can provide full range multiple joint movements as closely as free weights.
* Motor skill engrams aren't established with machines as well as free weights.
* The carry-over value of free weight training is superior to that provided by machine training.
* Machine training won't help you develop a high level of fluid, dynamic full-range athletic strength.
* The body is a homogeneous unit that engages in ballistic movements, particularly those generated by strong hip thrust.
* Machine training doesn't provide for training variety and variability.
* Machines don't permit the mind and body to develop in synchronization
* Machine training does not stress the psycho-endrocrine systems.
* Machine training does not provide for positive training experience.
* Machine training does not provide for continuous long-term motivation.
The Eight Benefits Unavailible To Those Using Machines:


1. The mere practice of the (Olympic) lifts [the snatch and the clean & jerk as well as related lifting techniques] teaches an athlete how to explode.
2. The practice of proper technique in the Olympic lifts teaches an athlete to apply force with his or her muscle groups in the proper sequences.
3. In mastering the Olympic lifts, the athlete learns how to accelerate objects under varying degrees of resistance.
4. The athlete learns to receive force from another moving body effectively and becomes conditioned to accept such forces.
5. The athlete learns to move effectively from an eccentric contraction to a concentric one.
6. The actual movements performed while executing the Olympic lifts are among the most common and fundamental in sports.
7. Practicing the Olympic lifts trains an athlete's explosive capabilities, and the lifts themselves measure the effectiveness of the athlete in generating explosive power to a greater degree than most other exercises they can practice.
8. The Olympic lifts are simply fun to do.

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