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espm1000 07-01-2011 12:07 AM

Modified Push/Pull/Legs
So, I want to move on to a more "bodybuilding" oriented split that utilizes compound, accessory, and isolation movements in a variety of rep ranges. I'm also on a hectic schedule, so I need something that doesn't stick to a set schedule, and can be utilized 2-3 days in a row if need be without overlapping muscle groups too much. Did I mention that I also want the ability to hit a alternating muscle groups twice a week?

Rep range for the major compound exercises will use the following rep schemes and ramp down every two weeks. So the first week will be 3x10, the next two weeks will be 3x8, followed by 4x6 the next two, then the next two weeks 5x5, and the final two weeks 3x3. So it's a 9 week cycle roughly.

The exercises that are alternated with another exercise or supersetted with the others --movements deemed accessory exercises-- will be kept in the 8-12 range. When I reach a weight that I can get 12 reps with I'll switch to a weight where I can only get 8 reps and start over until I ramp it up again. Either way, the focus is progression.


Incline Press
Weighted Dips
DB Shoulder Press

Chest Fly
-Alternate With-
V-Bar Pressdowns

Cable Laterals
-Alternate With-
Tate Presses


Rack Pulls
Weighted Chins
Seated Cable Row

Lat Pulldown
-Alternate With-
DB Curls

-Alternate With-
BB Curls


DB Lunges

Leg Ext
-Supersetted With-
Leg Curls


Abaddon 07-01-2011 03:14 AM

OP: I think you might be asking (and doing) too much here.

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