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BendtheBar 06-19-2011 10:40 AM

Which Workout Is Best For Fat Loss?
Which Workout Is Best For Fat Loss?

There is no best workout for fat loss.

Most people have the goal of looking “toned”. The word toned implies losing fat while maintaining, or adding more muscle mass. To accomplish this goal you must:

Push yourself. Push yourself in the weight room for more reps and weight when possible. This is called progression. When cutting fat the body needs a reason to retain muscle mass. If you aren’t pushing yourself, you will give your body a reason to lose both muscle and fat.

Don’t resort to higher rep sets or programs that promise to “shred” or “define” a muscle. They don’t work and are often gimmicks (or gimmicky). High rep sets do not add muscle definition. They involve using a lighter weight. The use of a lighter weight will encourage muscle loss, which will actually lengthen the time it takes for you to “get ripped.”

Eat properly. Toning, or getting ripped requires a precise diet. This eating approach involves several major factors (not all are covered in this list):

1. Protein. Eating enough daily protein. Undereating protein makes it hard for your body to repair existing muscle tissue, and can lead to muscle loss.
2. Rate of fat loss. As a general rule of thumb you should aim for 1.5 to 2 pounds of fat loss per week. Any more than this and you risk losing muscle along with fat.

Which Workout Is Best For Fat Loss?

When looking to lose fat, stick with a muscle building workout like the ones presented on the Primal Lifter website. Training while trying to “tone” or get “ripped” shouldn’t be any different than your training when you are trying to build muscle.

If you lose weight too rapidly and/or decide to train using lighter weight and high reps, you WILL lose muscle mass. During a cutting diet, losing both muscle and fat you make it harder to reach that defined state you are trying to achieve.

A decrease in muscle mass will keep your overall bodyfat percentage higher than you’d like. This will prolong the amount of time it takes you to reach your goals. It might also prevent you from reaching your goals.

If you continue to lose muscle and fat over the course of a diet, odds are you will end up thin, but with a physique that looks worse because of all the muscle tissue you’ve lost.

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