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Lou13 06-05-2011 12:59 PM

Question about HLM for small-boned lifters
I'd like to hear from small-boned lifters who have achieved success, or from people who have successfully trained small-boned lifters.

Casey Butt advocates an HLM approach for small-boned lifters who do full-body workouts three times a week. He says that the joints of small-boned lifters can't handle the stress of heavy weights that often. John Christy, however, basically said that the hardgainer and small-boned lifter concept was overstated, and that they should workout like everybody else. I understand that these aren't the only two iron gurus, but I'd like to hear your thoughts about the HLM approach for small-boned lifters.

Fazc 06-05-2011 01:19 PM

My wrists measure around 6.25 inches and I have a light bone structure all over, i've only logged on this site for a week or so but you can get a rough idea of the kind of template and poundages i'm lifting here:

Any specific questions, let me know.

big_swede 06-05-2011 01:32 PM

Check my log, i am 6'4 and was around 165 lbs when starting. Its just to get under the bar and smash it if you ask me.

Good luck!

BendtheBar 06-05-2011 01:33 PM

Both sides of the fence...

I am a small-boned lifter and didn't periodize until last year. My wrists are 6.4 inches. I achieved a 500 raw squat, 585 raw deadlift, 430 raw bench, 275 strict overhead press, 315 strict barbell rows for reps, etc., before periodization came on to my radar. In fact, I believe my current need to periodize is due more to age and recovery than anything else.

So, my life has modeled Christy. Now for the other side...

You certainly won't have any issues whatsoever training Casey Butt HLM style as long as progression is in the mix. In fact, it's probably better from a longevity standpoint.

Now, my opinion....start basic and evolve your training based on YOUR needs and body feedback. Every successful lifter I know stresses this point.

Equip yourself with options, train to fit your personality, enjoy your training, and be ready to evolve your training. If you have the goal to get as big and strong as possible, be aggressive until your body tells you to slow.

I am no easy gainer. I never had rules. I trained and listened to my body. I have never had an injury that took me away from training, and I have exceeded my goals by leaps and bounds.

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