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Carl1174 05-12-2011 09:34 AM

Fullbody with Olyimpic lifts... on the right lines ??
OK so i have changed my routine a little to try to include both the Olympic lifts AND all the exercises i have been missing (like Inc Bench, BB Rows, CGBP etc etc), I dont know however, whether trying to get all my favourite exercises in has knackered the program completely or not. i have got Oly style stuff first as it uses the most muscles at once (also i have added in lifts i think will help the oly stuff, like OH Squats etc etc) and i have tried to concentrate on working movements and not muscle. I have had to do a rotating 4 day program to get everything in i like, which will be On/Off with 2 (or 3 depending how i feel) days off at the end. It means i am deadlifting and squatting heavy less times over the month which wil hopefully be both easier on my knees and let me work heavier on the deads without exhusting myself.... But i could be way off here, so any help would be appreciated.

Day 1
Clean 5x3
Push Press 3x6-10
RDL 3x6-10
BB Row 3x6-10
DB Bench 5x5

Day 2
Snatch Grip High Pulls 5x3
OH Squats 3x6-10
Pullups 5xAMAP
Seated WG BHTNP 3x8-12
Inc BB Bench 3x6-10
Curls 4x6-12

Day 3
Snatch 5x3
Deadlifts 3x5
T bar Row 3x6-10
BB Bench 5x5
CGBP 3x8-12

Day 4
Squat 5x5
Underhand Chins 3xAMAP (weighted)
Inc DB Bench 3x8-12
Seated DB Press 4x6-10
Dips 5xAMAP

thats it.....


BendtheBar 05-12-2011 09:40 AM

Well thought out plan. My only advice is to listen carefully to your lower back. This workout involves a lot of pulling and if your lower back feels beat down I would deload the RDLs and deadlifts...or maybe cycle them HLM style.

Carl1174 05-12-2011 10:04 AM

OK Steve thanks... I was kinda thinking there would be something getting hit too much, didnt think of the lower back tbh :eek:

I will probably HLM both the RDL's and the Deads then to make sure i dont overdo it (I am assuming hitting deads heavy once a month will be enough ???). Should I use different days for the HLM, so Deads Heavy and RDLs light one week then both Medium etc...


Spartigus 05-12-2011 10:45 AM

That looks like a lot of fun Carl!!

Looking at your layout makes me question if I have enough back in my routine...

Carl1174 05-12-2011 11:04 AM

Well back is a part i really want to work on, as it is essential for the Oly stuff and I have no back lol :D

I really would like to do front squats too, but i figure im doing them with the cleans anyways... Plus i have regular squats in there too for max strength and OH Squats for Oly specific strength.

I have ran through the firt two days so far (just no cleans on the first day due to the wrist) and it was great. I will eventually do Clean and jerks and swap Push press around too, but I have to lear how to do them first and I am skint so dont have money for coaching atm :mad:


glwanabe 05-12-2011 11:11 AM


Originally Posted by Carl1174 (Post 136803)
OK so i have changed my routine a little to try to include both the Olympic lifts AND all the exercises i have been missing (like Inc Bench, BB Rows, CGBP etc etc), I dont know however, whether trying to get all my favourite exercises in has knackered the program completely or not.

I've been continuing to work on putting this type of program together.

There are 3 movements you need to concentrate on.

Pulling moves
Squatting moves
Pressing moves

Keep these three aspects as your primary moves, and build off of them.

You are going to have to make some sacrifices in some of the movements, but I still think there is enough variety to keep you from getting bored.

I would only bench once per week. You will need to think of the bench as an extra move. Standing front pressing, and Dips are all you need for your chest. Benching is counterproductive to the shoulder flexability you need.

I would only back squat once per week, and no more than a 5x5.

Make front squats your primary squat move.
Change your thought process about deadlifting. DON"T deadlift with a powerlifter mentality. Drop the weight, and just work the movement with the intent of getting better at the pull itself. Work the move with a snatch width grip. This will force you to lower the weight, and build the muscles needed.

The oly lifts are going to be hitting your body hard, but a little extra pulling work can still be done.

The incline presses you missed should be skipped. Do standing front pressing. This will still hit your upper chest. Think of Front pressing as your heavy move, and BHNP pressing as your light move. DIPS are your main chest move. Go to a weighted dip at this point if you feel you need the strength aspect.

In case you don't have it. This was another version of the Eder we talked about. These are three day programs, but if you want to stick with a 4 day we can work that out as well.

I'll be around later today, and tomorrow. Got stuff to get done today but will be back later.

cleans 5x3 w push press
squats 5x5-8
DB rows 3x5-8 or chins
BHNP snatch grip 3x8-10
bench 5x5-8
BB calf raise 3x15-20

Snatch grip high pulls 5x3
Overhead squats 5x5-8
DL 3x5
Front pressing 3x5-8
Wide grip pullups 5x10 BW no less than 20
Chest Dips 5x10 BW

Cleans 5x3 w push press
Front squats 5x5-8
DB rows 5x5-8 or chins
bhnp snatch grip, squatted 3x8-10
dips 5xBW no less than 20
Calf raise 3x15-20

There was also this verson.

cleans .........5x3/ohp+2Front squats
squats .........3x5-8
DB rows ...3x5-8
BHNP ...........2x8-10
bench ..........5x5-8
BB calf raise ..3x15-20

Overhead Squat ...5x3
Front Squat ........3x5-8
DL .....................5x3
Snatch grip BHNP..3x10
BB curl................2x10

cleans ...................5x3/ohp+2Front squats
Snatch high pulls .....5x3
bhnp .....................2x8-10
BB calf raise ...........3x15-20

Carl1174 05-12-2011 11:52 AM

Thanks GL. I added a fourth day so i could do additional moves, not to train 4 times per week i think one on-one off is fine, as long as i get a couple of days rest at the end of the cycle, i would then be working each day 3 times per month.

Also I definitely want to add the Snatch in to the routine (which is why i came up with the 4th day primarily) and perhaps RDL's ??? This made me think perhaps with doing full cleans, Squats, snatches and OH Squats perhaps i was going a bit too much on the legs (especially the quads) so i didnt put in the front squats :confused:

With the deadlift I know i shouldnt be looking at it as a powerlifter, but I would really like to start pulling some big numbers on this move as i have struggled with it for so long and all-of-a-sudden the weight has started to move up and I am lifting some respectable weights, this was another reason i did the 4 day thing so i would only be pulling heavy like that 3 days per month.

Anything you can come up with though mate i would gladly look at. I have been doing the first Edar that you posted above untill my wrist gave in and i was off for a week or so. Thats when i started thinking of perhaps changing it a bit...

Like i said mate anything you can think of then Im game :)


MikeM 05-17-2011 02:15 PM

This is something I'm working on that might be similar to your idea and might be useful to you for an idea or two. I based this on an olypic lifting routine in Greg Everett's book, and added in some power and strength moves that I wanted to do as well. It's a four day split, with mostly pulling moves one day and mostly push moves the next (which I think might alleviate the over doing your back maybe). Mostly sets of 3. Basically doing more technical stuff first then brute stuff later in session, too. Also maxing out stuff early in the week and later in the week it's a bit easier.

Week 1
Mon - C+J, Snatch 85%, Pullups, BB/DB Rows
Tues - Squat 100%, Push Press, Snatch DL, Bench Press
Thurs - Same as Monday, but C+J 85% too
Fri - OH Squat, Front Squat, Clean Pulls, Bench Press 85%, Deadlift 85%

Week 2
Mon- Snatch, C+J 85%, chinups, BB/DB Rows
Tues - Front Squat 100%, BNP, Deadlift 100%, Bench Press
Thurs - Same as Mon, but Snatch 85% too
Fri - Snatch Pulls, OH Squat, Squat 85%, RDL, Bench Press 85%

That's just what I've been noodling. Maybe it helps. I am looking forward to what you and gl come up with though.

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