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Trevor Ross
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Default More Gironda geinus!!

More Information From The ”Iron Guru”, Vince Gironda
by Bob Green

Four sides to a muscle, Aminos with added Amino-Lysine,
specialization and how do I avoid the screaming car cutting in front
of me on the freeway – were all on my mind this glorious spring
day. Once again I had taken my life in my own hands and was
driving down to North Hollywood to finish the last of about 20
interviews I was doing with my friend and mentor, Vince Gironda.
I couldn't’t pass it up. Over the past 6 or 7 months we had cut so
many marvelous tapes, gotten so much mail just from the first
installment printed in Iron Man, that I had to put my other
interviews on the “back burner”.

We had tried so many of these new revelations Vince has come up
with in my home gym, as well as the Oxnard Fitness Center, that I
just couldn't’t quit now. I mean, you talk about results? I’m serious.
Vince has been working with two champion bodybuilders, too. Roy
Duval and Mohamed Makkawy. The results can be seen in their
recent photos and the marvelous letters of gratitude they’ve sent
Gironda. Please allow me to transcribe this last tape for you in
which we cover all sorts of valuable goodies, including Glandulars,
which are becoming more and more popular.

BG – “Vince, we left off on the last side of the tape about some of
the flack you’ve gotten on your high-fat diet. You realise, of
course, that with all the recent data – fats are being perceived more
and more as no-no’s.”

V – “First of all… I use my diets for SPECIFIC goals. You must
also understand that many of the articles read in magazines are
derived from OTHER WRITTEN SOURCES; without very much,
if any, follow-up research. They’re not experimenters. I use the
high-fat diet, or I should say I USED the high fat diet in my mid-
30’s. I didn’t write about it or tell anybody about it for years for
one reason or another.”
“It worked for me; I found a diet that SUSTAINED me. Sustained
me with a minimum of food. I was in Positive Nitrogen balance
and I needed an energy source that lasted longer than an hour and a
half. I needed a 6-hour energy source – which is fat. There are
some experiments that I’m going to conduct on fats that are 100
years old. I guess you might say I’ll spring it on the unsuspecting
physique world. Maybe I should consume a quart of lard everyday
and then let someone take cholesterol and triglyceride tests, ha, ha.
I’ve had Old World practices for longevity prove themselves so
many times over.”
“There are some fascinating nutritional practices that Emil Bonet
made me aware of years ago. He saw these fantastically developed
European handbalancers that looked like Olympic weightlifters,
heavyweight division. He marvelled at their development and he
tried… he went backstage to talk to these performers who were
very much peasant stock, middle Europeans trying to get out of the
hole by performing. He observed them drinking lard!”

BG – “Oh, my…Pritikin would come in here and have you arrested
by an army if he heard you say that. I know that the first guy to
teach me weightlifting in the 50’s was a Hungarian refugee. He ate
lard sandwiches. I thought it was a carry-over from hard times, but
both his parents were working and he was living a fairly good life
in Southern California. Certainly not in a ghetto area. I asked him
about it; maybe old habits, but he swore by this practice. He was a
superb athlete and went on to become one of the youngest tennis
pros in the state.”

V – “Yes. I believe it. Sounds hard to believe, I know. I feel it’s the
other stuff we put in our bodies plus a lack of exercise that
confounds our use of fats. Pritikin doesn’t have a 19” arm either.
He sits around and plays with computers. He didn’t come up with
his formula. Reels and reels of computer tape did. And it’s still
only theory.”
“In defence of cholesterol and fat, let me bring up something that is
very carefully hidden by the drug companies involved: when the
cholesterol controversy first came to light, there was a drug put out
that emulsified cholesterol. And they still have… well; they’ve
probably settled the claims by now. There were very heavy
lawsuits. People that lost their hearing, eyesight, hair, skin turned
to leather. Sexual proclivities, ah, a general loss of everything but
life. Because they were taking these cholesterol-emulsifying drugs
that were supposed to work. Well, the drug did work and those
were the problems.”
“Many patients that were older even went into senility. Remember
that the brain is around 80 percent, or so, cholesterol. Don’t quote
me on that figure, but suffice it to say that the largest part of the
brain’s makeup is cholesterol. You cannot regenerate male
hormone without cholesterol. Kinda important to bodybuilders and
weightlifters, eh?”
“Again, and I’ve said it so many times it’s boring, cholesterol isn’t
the culprit in the first place! I see that many medical examiners are
now starting to agree with me. They should’ve been reading some
of the reports in Iron Man over the decades! Sometimes I wonder if
Iron Man and a few others don’t have closer pulse to health than
the AMA Journal and what not or so-called “sanctioned” material.”
“Let’s say it was Triglycerides. I think you wrote some stuff on
that in the early 70’s, Bob. Well, so did I. the problem lies in the
“carrier”. Who are these people that are having trouble? Trouble
with these (related) problems. People that are inactive in the first
place! Especially those that have NEVER been “active”. I’ve sold
people in here vitamins that have never had a vitamin in their life!
Hard to believe nowadays. Never had a vitamin? So you can
imagine what you’ll find walking around out there, as far as
general health is concerned. They don’t know what a good meal
“Many of these people are naturally hypertensive because of their
poor diet. They’re prone to everything: heart disease,
arthritis…What is disease? It’s a breakdown of the entire organism.
There’s no one thing you can pinpoint. Let’s get these people back
into general good health again – Then we can treat the weak links.
Before you prescribe anything- get them back into overall good
health. At least as much as possible. Hopefully you get them before
the dam breaks.”

BG – “This has become quite a dissertation on health, Vince and I
think the readers will enjoy it and be motivated into working on
their “health”. Since we’re on diet, supplements and so fourth… let
me hit you with a rimshot: GLANDULARS. Big stuff. A viable
alternative. I know you’ve been using them here for years and
years, but with some of these new products coming out I think you
should come out with some “orientation” to these substances. I
know the “troops” would appreciate it.”

V – “Well, one of the Glandulars I haven’t mentioned to date,
that’s being used in this gym, due to the fact that we don’t promote
synthetic steroids, are the various hormone precursors. And one of
these hormone precursors is ORCHIC tissue.”
(Author’s note: in the previous article I mentioned this, but it was
on the same tape. At the time of the taping Vince hadn’t mentioned
it before. I choose to work two articles out of the same taping
because there was so much information involved. This taping was
done around Easter time of 1982).

BG – “Yes, you have mentioned Pituitary and Adrenals in our
previous works. Most of the products seem to just throw in a
combination of these goodies and so be it.”

V – “Pituitary and Adrenals are very important to…(at this point I
interrupted Vince about these and then we ended up back on the
ORCHIC). Orchic is taken from gonad tissue of healthy “source”
animals. Man has used it for centuries as a strength aid and an ageregression
thing. A rejuvenator. It’s the oldest remedy known to
man. Along these lines.

BG – “Yeah, some of the old menus for bull testicles, yecchh,
Rocky Mountain Oysters and the lot. Sweetbreads to the max, eh?”

V – “Adrenal is the number one, the main glandular to take
because the Adrenals have an effect on 40 other glands. Pituitary
also is, uh; a growth… has a growth hormone. It promotes growth.
Adrenals-Pituitary. Then comes Orchic. All these others are just a
spark plug for Orchic. I have to laugh at some of these products
that are out now. I mean, if you’re going by their labels.”
“I think we’ve mentioned Adrenal Exhaustion, for instance. This is
what overstimulization produces. Kinda like a chemical version of
overtraining. And, for that matter, overtraining – overtonus – leads
to the chemical-hormonal overstimulus of Adrenals. Have I lost
you? (NO). Cortisone produces a breakdown. Adrenal exhaustion.
Sure, Cortisone is a great pickup (in injuries) for a one-time shot. A
sore elbow, for example. But… repetitive use can only exhaust
your adrenals.”

BG – “Now, when the people use these Glandulars… I know your
son, and we mentioned this in one tape, got quite a reaction,
POSITIVELY in the long run, but did get a certain tension or
whatever. Was he on a lot of Adrenals or what?”

V – “He took Adrenals 2 hrs. Prior to working out. Then he tried
them an hour prior to working out. The first time, he would always
apologise for his change in attitude. He became very pugnacious.
Aggressive. And he would excuse himself for his personality. We
recently found, however, it is much more advisable to take one
“feeding” before the workout, but for real growth…AFTER the
workout. Now we are supporting that concept, again by Dr.
Ameduri, the thing we found in the 60’s, when we’d workout and
then go reinforce the aminos by eating steak across the street, ah,
after the first part of the workout. For the average guy – AFTER
the workout.”
“My son took them first (before w.o.) As a set-up. Then he took
them afterwards to REINFORCE his exhausted adrenals.”

BG – “You know what I would like to try: balancing the Amino-
Lysine with the glandulars.”

V – “We have! Nucleo-Gland M&F. One for the males and one for
the females. It’s got the Amino-Lysine in it. So if you were to take
this stuff and the aminos to balance the Amino-Lysine… well, let’s
not give away the whole candy store. We’re telling the people
more than they every got right now!”
“Let’s at least tell ‘em what Nucleo-Gland “M” is. Since there are
more males dealing with this situation than females. Nucleo-Gland
“M” is a specific combo of gonadotropic elements, whereas the “F”
is based on elements relating to female needs. Here. Read off the
supporting factors for the tape recorder of the “M” product.
Basically, the “M” formula substantiates or “shores up” the male
hormone; the major reason we take glands for. That’s what the
whole thing is about precursing the male hormone. Or female.
Whichever you choose to be.”

BG – “I can’t read it! Do you have another bottle? (He didn’t) His
product information was at his house and I am sorry, readers. I
have to borrow a car to get down here for these interviews. It’s not
a game I’m trying to play; I have nothing to do with any
commercial enterprise with Vince’s products or Vince or anything
and I feel bad. These interviews are special. At least to me. I’m the
guy busting his butt to get them. If you’re one of these detail types
– please write to Vince. He’ll get you the information. Obviously I
have failed simply out of timing and I feel terrible. Please be
READERS. I never have! Due to circumstances, I can’t give you
the first ingredient and the fact it has a significant potency of 60
mgs. Probably won’t help you. The guy sells this jazz like hotcakes
and I’m down here on a Sunday! Wouldn’t you know it? Just send
to Vince and order a darn bottle or something. I’m trying. –
“Shoot! All right, we’ll move right along to the next ingredient:
Whole Pituitary Substance – 60 mgs. (Note: check your glandular
product, if you’re using one. Ask the manufacturer what KIND of
Pituitary Substance he uses. I’ve got 3 different glandular products
here in front of me. Remember that I’m transcribing a taped
interview done on the scene. I’m now at home and have picked up
some of these products to compare. YOU’RE GOT TO BE
KIDDING! I know now that I MUST get back down to Vince’s
and we’ll cut a tape on some of the nonsense going on in this area.
I must say that I had no idea because I was off into other things and
hadn’t paid attention. Let the buyers beware. I hope I can help you
in this area.)”
“Moving right along – by using the right kind of “whole Pituitary”
substance, they’re only going with 10 mgs. That’s smart. It’s also
impressive. I have interviewed guys that got onto the wrong kind
of Pituitary substance and some got zero results while others ended
up with REAL problems. I know one guy up in Ventura…”

BG – “Well, I realise that, but let’s finish this line of thought first
before you and I get carried away into details like we often do. Let
me continue for a moment on this Nucleo-Gland “M”. Ahhh, what
else do we have here? Suprarenals – 60 mgs. Thymus – 60 mgs.;
Pancreas – 60 mgs.; Kidney – 60 mgs.; Heart – 60 mgs. And RNA
– 60 mgs. All in a base of Kelp. THAT’S interesting. Kelp.
Remember back in the 60’s when I did my first research paper for
you? It was on Kelp for an information sheet; one of many you
always have for members. The second one I did for you was on

V – “Ah, yes and that brings up another point: LIVER. Everybody
is looking for the “new thing” that’ll revolutionise their progress.
And there HAS been some tremendous strides made in the field of
nutrition. After all, here we are talking about glandulars. BUT
Things like LIVER. Liver is still one of the most potent training
aids there is? It has stood the test of time.”
“Look, don’t forget about the aminos and blood-builders in liver.
And, in context to what we are talking about here- THE GROWTH
1. Liver contains a growth factor as yet unnamed, but isolated.
2. Better workouts mean more growth and liver has that wonderful
energy metabolism factor that resists muscular fatigue.
3. There is an anti-estrogen factor, too.
This helps the male bodybuilder keep his Testosterone level up.
Balance. We all have some male and female hormones in us and if
the balance is thrown off the male bodybuilder is on an uphill fight
to keep his testosterone levels high enough to build muscle.”
“So eat your eggs, baby. And keep your levels right up there by
taking ORCHIC, balance your glandulars, take liver tabs and
aminos and keep your Nitrogen level constant.”

BG – “Thanks, Vince. We appreciate your sharing these things
with us and bringing up ideas we may not thought of or simply
passed over in our haste to “get there”. You don’t get these insights
all the time and I hope the readers appreciate it. I know I do.”

(From Iron Man, January 1983)

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