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CoopDawg 12-06-2010 12:57 AM

New Workout Partner suggestions
I have a new workout partner starting tomorrow, hes in the army just signed a 6 year contract, hes had no weight training just push ups/chins/ and he runs 7 miles on weekends when he goes to the base or i think thats what he said lol, im on the reeves progam im wondering if its okay if he runs this also so we will be on the same page.

glwanabe 12-06-2010 07:04 AM

Can he work the program? Sure, thats the easy part, but thats not really the question that you need to be concerned with. Does he want to work this program? Thats the question.

Two people with different viewpoints on how to train will have a bit of a hurdle to step over.

The next aspect is one of personality's. Can you two work together, and have productive workouts? Thats the bigger issue as I see it. I generally prefer to lift alone, but have in the past had a few very good workout partners.

Even if your not at the same spot as far as how much weight you lift, you can still work together if the other aspects are right. A good workout partner is not unlike a marriage. It takes a committment from both people for it to work.

BendtheBar 12-06-2010 08:18 AM

One thing I've found Coop is that you really need to understand the motivation behind someone's goals. Many guys just want to have a good beach body - and there is nothing wrong with that - but they often have a false perception that they can train for 2 months, achieve this goal, and then back off. Many also don't understand just how much work is involved with simply having a good beach body.

He can run it with you, but if his motivation isn't the same, the difficulty of the program might make him jump ship quickly...back to curls and abs and bench press and lat pull downs.

I say let him try. Do your best to make him understand the program's relevancy to his goals. Teach him about simple progression.

If he backs away, not much you can do. 99% of people in the world want health and fitness, but few want it more than Doritos and video games.

Teach him, but not in a pushing way. This is called "planting seeds." They might not take root today but may 3 years from now.

CoopDawg 12-06-2010 09:54 PM

Thanks guys he came to the gym today and i gave him as much of a tour as possible with all the people and showed him how to deadlift he starts wednesday

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