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BendtheBar 07-04-2010 10:34 AM

Full Body Workouts Reference Guide
I am adding "reference guides" to MAB. They will include every possible link to everything relevant on specific topics. I have start one for Full Body Workouts.

If you know of a routine, article or forum post that should be added, please post it in this thread.

Full Body Workouts Reference Guide Muscle and Brawn Bodybuilding and Powerlifting.

BendtheBar 07-05-2010 11:14 AM

Added a bunch more links to this guide.

styrkecoach 07-15-2010 01:13 PM

Just have to add StyrkeCoach's full body WO :D

you train 3 times a week.

There program is two different workouts, A and B.

probably similar to any other program, but the guidelines are simple.

Workout A

Workout B
BB row

Workout A as you can see has a knee dominant exercise, vertical push/pull and assistance.

Workout B has a hip dominant exercise, horizontal push/pull and assistance.

When you train 3 times a week you alternate the repetition scheme every day.

either it is 4r-8r-12r (typical hypertrofy)
or powerbuilding 3r-6r-9r.


Monday 3r Wednsday 6r Friday 9r
week 1 Wo A Wo B Wo A
week 2 Wo B Wo A Wo B
week 3 Wo A Wo B Wo A

As you can se, the exercise hits the same repetition scheme ever second week, then you can increase the weight of the exercise with 2.5% +.

dont know if you was interested in something like this BTB...?

BendtheBar 07-15-2010 02:54 PM

Thanks Stryke!

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