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Muscle Building and Bodybuilding Topics related to muscle building, bodybuilding, including training and fullbody workouts. If you are looking for great advice on gaining muscle this forum is for you.

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Cool I want to be a Bodybuilder


Hello Muscle and Brawn community, I am a brand new member this being my first post. And as the title suggests: I WANT TO BE A BODYBUILDER! So naturally I want to surround myself with people like you guys who are in some sort of same mindset as myself. Now I am not a total noobie to training I have trained for over a year now and yes I guess I do got a lot to learn, don't we all, but we all have to start somewhere. I'll be filling in my profile more after this post

Height: 5ft 7inches
Age: 21
Weight Pounds: 150lbs
BF: 14%
Started Pounds: Approx 120lbs
Time training: About 13-14months
Supplements in use at moment: Creatine and Whey Protein (gainer type) and L-Glutamine.


I started just before last summer from being quite a skinny fellow with a "skinny 6pack" to now a more built up kind of guy without one revealing (do I care, no). I've had nice success thus far with overall strength gains and muscle. I'll try get some pics to give you some indication but I'm sure from being a total skinny to this is quite an improvement. I don't care about my fat gains, they can be easily rid of as you know with some cutting.

I'm currently in the middle of bulking up this summer and I want to be bulking up till winter I say or longer, I want to keep gaining weight, put meat on my bones so to speak. I don't mind that I'm gaining fat pounds along with my current weight, you don't get anywhere unless you eat big right? So I'm eating like an animal, eating like someone who probably is around 200lbs lol. I'm on a 5 day split now and I love my training. I really want to be a bodybuilder, maybe not a competitive one, but a nicely built guy, that stands out but is not GIGANTIC, but an animal...yes.

I got 3 questions which should help me on my way:

1. How much on average do you think an intermediate type trainee like myself would gain in muscle mass in about 3 months or even 6 months or even more (please specify)?

2. Is it sensible to keep going like I am for maybe another year so I might be 180lbs or so? But I do realize a lot of that would be fat! And although I'm not afraid of fat I don't want to be too fat, get what I'm saying? Or maybe I should go to winter and cut and then re-bulk?

3. If I was gaining muscle mass mainly I should be doing reps around the 8-12 range, what weight on compounds like Bench, Squat, Deads etc etc should I be doing in terms relative to my max 1 rep %? Around the 70% max 1 rep 8-12 or is it more? I know power-lifting and strength is approx 90% for 6 reps or less, I do read.

Thanks for your time, any more info you need just shoot. I hope you guys will welcome a new optimistic and determined bodybuilder like myself into your community! I will work my ass off, pump pump pump!!! Do whatever I can to get my goals if I can. You want, sweat, pain and tears? I'll give you that! I'll come home in pain and rest and know I've done myself a service. I'll lift heavy and aim to be heavy. I think 30lbs in the past year proves I'm serious, this helped build a frame for me and get me some work in.

I know this was a long post but I don't want to be a kid and go I want to be a bodybuilder and I know nothing.... I'm not like that. I don't expect to be spoon fed my meals from you, I just want to build up with you guys. I read a lot into this stuff and try get my workouts better and improve my lifting as much as I can while building size and strength.

I'll add my current workout split next give me time to type it up, hopefully I can get some positive feedback. Hi community! All I ask is to please answer those 3 questions and anything else you wish to know.
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