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MMA Max 05-17-2010 03:41 PM

Quick Question
About a hour ago I trained my Chest and Triceps. Just found out I wont be able to work out tomorrow and I don't want to miss my biceps session. Can I just back in the gym and blast my biceps, so I dont miss my biceps work out?

CallmeKing 05-17-2010 03:46 PM

hmmm. when is your next workout and what are you working?

BendtheBar 05-17-2010 03:47 PM

Sure. Biceps generally recover rather quickly. I would go for it.

kman025 05-17-2010 03:57 PM


jslep 05-17-2010 04:11 PM

give yourself some protein and some water and a little rest time and then blast it man. i don't think it would hurt you at all.

MMA Max 05-17-2010 04:45 PM

Thank you

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