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MMA Max 04-10-2010 12:25 PM

Not looking to switch my work out but would like some help on Chaos and Pain
After I am done with this upcoming fight and the count down has begun and also my school will be out for two months till next session, I wont have access to my gym..But what I will have access to will be stuff that I use in my garage.

Now every-time I try to open the chaos and pain site on my Mac it crashes and crashes...So this is what I would like..I am going to give a list of stuff I have in my garage and maybe someone here who has experience with this chaos and pain can help me set up a Monday thought Friday..Reason? From hat Kman has told me it's something that I would probably really enjoy so why not use it for a month to break out of what I normally do what I am done doing what I do.

Crap in my garage

1) Kettle Bells
2) Straight Bar
3) Ez bar
4) DB
5) Push Up Bars
6) 50lb sand bags
7) Sledge Hammer- 12 and 25lbs
8) Truck Tire
9) Heavy Flip tire
10)And up to 450lbs in plates
11) 50,60,70 lb toss bags
12) Squat rack
13) Weight Vest with up to 100lbs
14) Pull Up Bar - wide Grip, Normal, Close grip attachments
15) Standard Basic Flat Bench
16) Foot attachment for Sit Ups
17) Ab Wheel
18) Weighted Speed Jump Rope
19) 24 inch Box jump station

Is it possible to use Chaos And Pain with the above gear and if so can someone help me map this out so I can have a look into this?

BendtheBar 04-10-2010 12:27 PM

With those weights I think you could easily do C&P. I'm no C&P expert, but as long as you have a barbell, weights and a squat rack, life is good.

Jwood and Kman can probably help you from here....

MMA Max 04-10-2010 12:28 PM

Ya, I tried to map it out but the site crashes...I will have been on my program now for a 6 months almost and I will be ready for a slight change.

Oh ya, I also have a suv that we use to push

jslep 04-10-2010 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by MMA Max (Post 46691)
Oh ya, I also have a suv that we use to push

that sounds awesome!!

Trevor Lane 04-10-2010 12:42 PM

C&P is all about feel, Jamie has developed a template... but I only used it for like 2 weeks and then wanted more.. so what I've been doing (although this will be the 1st week with the deads) which is C&P influenced is basically like this:
Mon- Squat circuit ala 20 rep squats but 5 sets of 5, Tues - Push, any lifts that require pushing ie: Bench, Military, flies, etc. Wed - Dead Lift & Front Squat, Thurs - Pull, any lift that requires pulling ie: High Pull, Pull downs, Rows, Pullups, curls, etc. Fri- Repeat Squat Circuit

Then do whatever assistance work you want: calfs, abs (especially ab wheel), forearms, neck, etc.
Jamie is crazy and actually does front squats daily right now and usually works out 2x a day and does a squat day, push & pull day, squat day, push & pull day repeating 7 days a week!!!

The big thing with C&P is that it is not a routine, des not split by body parts, and advocates the highest freaking volume that you can survive.

MMA Max 04-10-2010 12:46 PM

Wait...Then I already kinda do that

Trevor Lane 04-10-2010 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by MMA Max (Post 46702)
Wait...Then I already kinda do that

There are alot of people who do.. good example is Broz, advocates squating 7-14 times a week!!!

jwood 04-10-2010 12:51 PM

Here is what I do:
Mon/Wed/Fri: Squat, Push, Pull These are done for 15 singles or 10x3 usually, but you can switch it up to whatever.

Tuesday/Thursday: circuits of some sort, arms circuit curls/tricep movement/abs

Chaos and pain is about doing heavy ass compound movements multiple times a week

jwood 04-10-2010 12:52 PM

Here is a list of some of the exercises that I do:

Back Squat-with bands
Front Squat
Zercher Squat-with bands
Squats for time

Clean and Press
Power/Hang clean
Shrug/High Pull
Deadlifts-bands, deficit, rack pulls, trap bar, sumo,
Good mornings

Bench Press-bands, incline, decline, close grip
Push presses/jerk
Military Press

cooltom 04-10-2010 12:56 PM

Oh my god, I am in love with your garage! :adore:

I've been thinking about leaving NYC in the next year because I want one (a garage) so bad.

On a more serious note, I glanced at your journal and I would think that what would change is not so much all the exercises you do but when you do them. With your setup, I would probably devote three days to the powerlifts, with some strongman stuff, and then one day to a strongman circuit. Then I would have one or two or three days (depending on how much rest I'd need) for bodyweight and assistance work.

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