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trustyguy 03-12-2014 06:56 PM

Lifting with a broken toe?
Hi guys,

I've recently been plagued by injuries. After returning from a lay off with a rotator cuff injury, I've broken my toe whilst playing football on Sunday.

I can still hobble around. I don't even need crutches, but I can't put much weight on my right foot.

My question is, what are the best exercises to do now that I'm more or less limited to those which involve lying/sitting down?
Preacher curls, bench press, skull crushers, military press, incline curls/press & dips have been ticked off.
Anyone have other suggestions or advice in general?

Here's a picture of my broken toe, as I'm sure you'd all love to see it...

Thanks for your help

BendtheBar 03-13-2014 12:12 AM

Are you able to stand at all for sets, like curls or cable tricep extensions?

Hammer Strength-type machines are your best option right now.

ravimolasaria 03-13-2014 02:29 AM

All the exercise which can be done seated with no / minimum pressure on thighs / legs.

trustyguy 03-13-2014 03:41 AM

I can't do standing sets for a few weeks. All my weight is going through my ankle and the right side of my foot, so I'm fairly off balance.

BendtheBar 03-13-2014 10:18 AM

You can do quite a few exercises seated, like Ravi said. If I couldn't stand, I would probably go with (possible options):

Bench Press
DB Bench Press
Machine Bench

Bench Supported Rows
Machine Rows
Seated DB shrugs
Lat Pull Down/Pull Ups

Seated OHP - DB or Barbell
Seated Laterals

Seated Cable Extensions
Seated French Press

Seated DB Curls
Preacher Curls

5kgLifter 03-13-2014 11:45 AM

I'd also be very cautious, having just recovered from a rotator cuff issue the last thing you want to do is demolish the upper body and overuse them, which may accidently happen because you're having to focus on seated exercises of which many will use the rotator muscles.

Just be aware of it, that's all.

trustyguy 03-14-2014 06:27 PM

Thanks for the advice. I've managed to work around it fine, and even discovered some useful new exercises to incorporate into my routines when my toe is fully heeled.

jpak997 03-17-2014 06:46 AM


def stick to cables/machines till that thing heals up... i wouldnty do any exercise that aggrovates it either

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