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Muscle Building and Bodybuilding Topics related to muscle building, bodybuilding, including training and fullbody workouts. If you are looking for great advice on gaining muscle this forum is for you.

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Default Full Body Split w/ Dual Peaking System

Hey guys,

I've come up with an idea for a routine and I would like you guys to weigh in on the concept for me. This is just a concept for a split/rep range - I haven't selected all of my exercises for each day yet.

I've been on the routine that BtB recommended for me for about 6 months. It's a 4 day a week routine focused on building size and strength. I've made some gains and gotten stronger which is amazing - but I find myself losing stamina pretty badly. When it comes to lifting heavy - I'm doing great. When it comes to doing housework, moving things around the house or running around with my kids I feel like I'm in far worse shape than ever before. Not only that, but lifting heavy all the time is beginning to take its toll on me. I'm finding my wrists and elbows are paying for it now. This is why I want to switch to something a bit more well rounded and I wanted to see what you guys thought of this idea. I'm up 30 pounds to 260 already so if my growth slows a bit by switching to this routine then I'm cool with it. Maybe if I get my diet right I'll continue to build muscle while leaning out somewhat - who knows.

I used to do this workout a couple of years ago and I felt amazing doing it. Basically its one body part per day:

Monday - Legs/Abs
Tuesday - Back
Wednesday - Chest
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Arms

Weekends are off.

Sounds like a typical bro split, right? Here's where it gets interesting.

Each week, you do the same routine for that body part but you cycle through doing a workout where you are using a weight you can do 20 reps, 10 reps or 3 reps with. The week following a 3 rep workout you get a day off for that body part.

So looking at just Mondays:

Week 1 - Light - 20 reps
Week 2 - Medium - 10 reps
Week 3 - Heavy - 3 reps
Week 4 - Off

I like this because each body part goes through a buildup to the heavy day and gets an extra week off following the heavy day. I also enjoy this because I get to hit both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers by having some workouts high rep and some super heavy. I get some days where I sweat my ass off and get a huge pump - which I know is a 'bro' obsession but it still feels so good but I am also training for strength by having a very heavy day in the mix. I'm also a fan of the day off every 4 weeks because I've got a stressful job, a wife and two kids - so I don't always get enough sleep and having a day off helps me recover from the heavy day.

Now we don't want to get all worn out doing light, intense 20 rep workouts every day for a week - that wouldn't be fun. Even worse, that would line up all the days off and I'd wind up with an entire week off (the horror!)
So we also have the routine peak across a week as well.

Week one would then look like this:
Monday - Legs - Light
Tuesday - Back - Medium
Wednesday - Chest - Heavy
Thursday - Shoulders - Off
Friday - Arms - Light

And the following week this same pattern would repeat starting with a medium leg workout which gives us the week to week peak for each body part.

This probably sounds like an over-complicated mess - maybe I should put together a spreadsheet if you guys are having a hard time visualizing it with me. I've been lifting for over a decade but have never really pioneered my own routine. Like I said I did this before and I made some solid gains and felt the best I've felt in my life so I know that I like it already and I'll likely do something similar to this starting very soon regardless. I just wanted to share my concept with you guys for anyone who is interested and to get the opinions of the more seasoned lifters in the forum.

Thanks guys!

Big Fry
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