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Mrinda87 02-28-2014 11:49 PM

Poor appetite cures anyone?
I normally have to force myself to eat when not hungry to be in a surplus( a very slight one too). Past few weeks I got sickk of force feeding myself and ate by feel when I was hungry ...lost 4 lbs and feel weaker in the gym. Anyone else have to pretty much force themselves to eat to stay on top of their game? Any tips?

Dray 03-01-2014 12:21 AM

Eat lots of tasty, high-calorie foods where possible. :) This will certainly make you gain weight, one way or another, for better or worse... :p

Also, if you need to "force feed" yourself somewhat to begin with, that's fine - we are creatures of habit, after all, so every change we make will probably take a while to adapt to. But you will - it's what we do.

So, if gaining/maintaining extra weight is important to you, keep both those things in mind (is my advice): eat tasty "gainy" foods (that preferably look and smell nice as well!) at least some of the time, and don't worry if it feels uncomfortable or even "unnatural" for a while (eating more). Persevere.

Kag94 03-01-2014 01:41 AM

I eventually always adopt to it. I know getting 4250 over Christmas break was tough at first then once school started and I drooped back Down I was starving. Now I'm getting full at 3250.
Some tips. Eat when hungry
Try motto force feed
Eat ginger, pineapple,etc...
Don't drink a ton of water with meals.
Enjoy your food!! Eat stuff you like

big_swede 03-01-2014 06:08 AM

Good advice from Dray.

Its like training, you will get bettar at eating the more you practice. Its the hardest part for alot of people.

Try adding a small snack of about 3-500 cals once a day. Then twice. Or drink alot of milk with all your meal.

Soldier 03-01-2014 08:41 AM

1. Eat dirty. The best advice for someone who over eats is for them to eat healthy, because eating healthy, whole foods makes it really hard to over eat. You're the opposite, so stop eating so damn healthy. Dirty foods are easy to eat, that why fatties keep getting fatter.

2. Sneak in the calories. If you check the calorie counts at restaurants you'll probably be shocked at how many calories their dishes have compared to the same dish if you made it yourself. The sneak in all sorts of things to make it more tasty, which ups the calories too. The big 3 are butter, oil, and cheese. Cook everything in butter and/or oil (olive and coconut are the healthiest), then cover it in cheese. Peanut butter is awesome too. Almost any food you eat can be smothered in cheese or peanut butter to instantly add tons of calories.

Make your protein goals. After that, do whatever it takes to get the calories in, even if you have to go dirty.

jdmalm123 03-01-2014 10:10 AM

I always had to force food...drinking milk between meals helped me and aids in need extra fluids when you eat extra food. You're body will resist food if you don't have enough water to process it. Milk is water with protein in it!

It's taken me a focused effort from 2008 to now to begin to "naturally" eat above maintenance.

BravenFenix 03-01-2014 08:29 PM

liquid calories or a lot or white rice and butter. If you are already getting enough fiber just go white. But shakes are by far the best way to go if you have problems eating. My favorite is Whole milk, any nut butter, honey, banana, a little bit of vanilla extract. Tweak it around and you'll find what you would love. They can go for several hundred calories easy.

JumpmanRugs 03-02-2014 10:30 AM

My gainer is as follows;

2 x Scoops of Whey
50g x Ground Oats
80g x Spinach
50g x Frozen Blueberries
400ml x Whole Milk
30ml x Olive Oil

Roughly around 1000 calories and tastes great (Obviously depending on the Whey you use)

JumpmanRugs 03-02-2014 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by jdmalm123 (Post 460665)
It's taken me a focused effort from 2008 to now to begin to "naturally" eat above maintenance.

I'm the same. 2010 in my eating disorder days I thought 1000 calories a day was impossible, no word of a lie. Now I have to moniter what I eat because of all my training, I could easily hit 4k a day no drama.

It'll come to you dude, just do it one step at a time. Cook with real butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil in your shakes. I'm kind of an expert in this because of the whole anorexia / bulimia, so any help needed pounding stuff in gimme a shout!

JP88 03-06-2014 03:09 PM

Yup, hardgainer right here. I remember downing boxes of pasta with 1/2 the box forcing myself to eat it to just maintain where I was at haha.

Now a much easier approach is to have loaded protein shakes. I'll put in:

1-2 scoops whey
1 cup almond/ coconut milk
1 cup water
2 tablespoons flax seed
2 uni-liver pills
1-2 tablespoons peanut butter
1-2 bananas
1 apple
1/2 to 1 cup dried oats
1 cup plain yogurt
handful Frozen blueberries (if on sale)

Blend it all up and down it! It's like 1500+ calories, all great calories.

Have 2 of these/ day on top of your regular meals and boom, you have a nice 5,000 calorie daily intake.

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