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Muscle Building and Bodybuilding Topics related to muscle building, bodybuilding, including training and fullbody workouts. If you are looking for great advice on gaining muscle this forum is for you.

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Default What to do after Occam Protocol?

I've been following the Occam Protocol for the last 8 weeks and currently I'm doing 2 workouts/week with 3 days rest in between them. I can feel I'm about to plateau in more than 1 exercise of Workout A and will have to increase the rest time to 4 days soon. I believe it'll give me an extra couple of weeks and I anticipate my whole Occam Protocol experiment will last for 3 months in total with great results, I might add.

My goal has been to add muscle while keeping it lean by following the Slow Carb diet and adding some protein shakes in the mix. I can say it's working fine. Other than that I really got used to going to the gym only twice a week (as opposed to 4 or 5 times a week as I was doing before reading Tim's book) and I wanna keep doing it, if possible.

A couple of questions:

What to do after my Occam Protocol workouts are finished in a couple of weeks to maintain my progress? Are there any other sets of exercises I can use to replace the ones on the book and keep doing the Occam Protocol indefinitely? If not, should I use G2F exercises and keep alternating between OP and G2F?

What about the Slow Carb diet? Can I follow it indefinitely as well? I got used to it and now it's second nature to me the whole veggies, slow carbs and protein approach.
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hey, welcome to the forum.
i don't know of anyone on the forum who is knowledgeable about Tim Ferriss's concepts. i'm vaguely familiar with Occam Protocol, and i know that when you say "G2F," you mean "Geek to Freak." just so you know, though, others here may be confused about what you're talking about.

is this what you're asking: "my current routine has worked well. i'm almost finished with the prescribed period. what should i do now?"?
well, can't you just continue with the program? if you're stalling on lifts, can't you just reset to a lighter weight and build it back up? i think some others on this forum would agree that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." why would you start a new routine when your current routine has produced good results? also, Occam Protocol is pretty unique. if you're looking for something along the same lines as it, i don't know if you'll find it.

in terms of your diet, again, if it's working for you in terms of your goals and you like the diet, why would you change it?
if you'd like to get some good ideas about training options, i suggest reading some of Pavel Tsatsouline's books. he and Tim Ferriss have expressed mutual admiration, and Pavel is an encyclopedia of programming. here is one of his programs that Ferriss blogged about years ago:

Pavel: 80/20 Powerlifting and How to Add 110+ Pounds to Your Lifts
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I had never heard of this routine before, so I did a small bit of digging around the internet. Looks to be a basic HIT routine, something along the lines of Jones, Mentzer or Darden.

If it's been working so well for you, I see no reason to just stop because of some pre-determined calendar date. Just keep riding it out until it stops working for you. At that point, just do what Seconds Out said and re-set your weights. Another choice would be to maybe change out the lifts for something different. DC training, another HIT protocl, does this with good success. Check out Dr. Darden's "Big Routine" for some good ideas. The "Big Routine" is similar but relies on squats, pull-overs, dips and chins for the movements.

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