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tracker 06-09-2013 01:28 PM

Best grip to use
What is the best grip to use when squatting? Is it a personal preferrence or is there one better to use when first starting?

Soldier 06-09-2013 02:34 PM

I've seen strong squatters with their hands everywhere from 2 inches outside their shoulders all the way to the edge of the bar. Personally, I put my hands all the way out on the collars of the bar. That allows me to distribute the weight of the bar all the way across my upper back. It's far more comfortable to me, but certainly isn't for everyone.

Off Road 06-09-2013 03:35 PM

Use whatever feels comfortable and allows proper form.
I like my hands just outside of my shoulders so I can pull my elbows in and forward.

IainK 06-09-2013 05:29 PM

No such thing. Trial and error,

SaxonViolence 06-10-2013 08:56 AM

I always used the self-same "Somewhat Wider than Shoulder-Width" spacing that I used for Bench Pressing...

As determined by the Rings on the Bar.

It worked for me—and kept things simple.

{Used the same spacing for Presses Behind Neck...}

Saxon Violence

1Strength 06-10-2013 09:03 AM

Find out which grip allows you to pull the bar down and extend your thoracic cavity while performing the eccentric and concentric parts of the movement.

MikeM 06-10-2013 10:30 AM

A wise man on these boards once said to remember the purpose for your grip. And that is to keep your chest open and up and your upper back tight, shoulderblades pinched together. Put your hands wherever it takes to make that happen (as well as secure the bar in the spot you want it to stay on your shoulders).

I believe that is what 1 rep is saying and I'm pretty sure that's what OR is implying with elbows in and forward. It pulls you into a slight arch, opens your chest and pinches your back tight.

However, Iain's point is huge. You have to experiment to find what works for you. Everybody is different. I thought for a long time that keeping my hands in tight would automatically keep my upper back tight. Well, not really. All it did was make me stoop forward and push my face towards the floor down when the weights got heavy.

I got said advice above and voila, moved my hands out some got my chest up and squats took off.

Just my experience. Good luck!

EliteDreams 06-10-2013 07:37 PM

I've seen huge guys well over 300 with their hands as close as possible, and small framed women with fairly wide grip. Trial and error. Tightness, shoulder comfort, bar height, trial and error.

babboon 06-13-2013 06:57 PM


Originally Posted by Off Road (Post 372972)
Use whatever feels comfortable and allows proper form.
I like my hands just outside of my shoulders so I can pull my elbows in and forward.

I agree that you have to do what feels the best to you. Just because it works for me or anyone else on here does not mean it will work for you.

Dray 06-13-2013 09:54 PM

Whatever allows for tightness and a lack of injuries all 'round.

Also, it seems to me that most (probably not all) broader, stronger guys opt for a (much!) wider grip. Makes sense, that.

So it could be that, as the back and shoulders (say) get bigger and stronger, so too will the grip shift gradually outward. :dunno2: Well, maybe. :)

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